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Sitting here debating


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Hello everyone. So I found this site searching google for a good Star Wars rp site. I've been reading over the rules and I really like it. Seems pretty cool. Not to offend anyone, but why is Doge an admin? lol.

Anyways, thought I'd post here. I'm working on the bio of my first character. Want to know, what factions are at war (if any at all) and which faction has the most members? lol. I just want to reference them, although I'm leaning on the Sith Empire.

Oh and yes I am a huge Star Wars nerd.
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Welcome to SWRP! If you have any questions or need any help, let us know. :)

A better question would be why isn't Doge an admin.
Zahori Denko
Doge is Gode. That's why. xD

As of right now, the Republic is at war with the Sith. Omega Protecterate are at war withe the Lords of the Fringe(Both custom factions).

And as far as I know, the Mandalorians are at war with the Sith. There are other people from other factions taking sides in each war as well.

As for faction with the most people: That'd be the Galactic Republic.

Antoir Setrrin

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Doge isn't just the admin.
He owns the site.
*jazz hands*
Welcome, if you have any questions just ask (though I'm not the one to ask about Factions. Though I will be biased and say join Omega Pyre. We're cool).
Make sure to have fun, but don't eat the cookies. Still not sure if those are okay.

Jak Sandrow

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Hey! Howzit going?

Welcome to SWRP! You can be just about whatever you want! We have droid PCs, Twi'lek PCs, doge PCs, goat PCs... Heck, I'm a plant!