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Approved Tech Sith Robes.

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Like Lightning

Thank you to LotR Nazgul

thanks to LotR online for Witch king of Angmar
Intent: To create a set of robes to give Darren an Alias among the Sith.
Development Thread: N/A
Manufacturer: Himself.
Model: Sith Robes.
Affiliation: Darren Shaw/Sith empire.
Modularity: yes
Production: Unique
Material: Cloth, Durasteel, Bronzium.
Darren and Onyx (The Burned man) have needed a way to get into the Sith Empire. As such, they need to keep their identities a secret when needed.

The robes are composed mostly of cloth and simple clothing to cover the entirety of Darren’s body. Under the robes is a simple set of durasteel plate armor composed of gauntlets, greaves, and shoulder armor. This armor can be worn on the outside if wanted.

A helmet is constructed of Bronzium with Sith runes lined along the brow. With the inscription of the Sith Code. Belts along the inside of the robes hide Darren’s lightsabers and his sword that is on a hip sheath rather than a back sheath.
Classification: Sith robes.
Weight: 8kgs
Quality: 2
Other Feature(s): Helm has inscriptions.

(don't know if this would qualify for one, rather be safe than sorry.)
Not open for further replies.