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Approved Location Sith Inquisitor Hosnian Prime office

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The King of Ergonomic Assessments
  • Intent: To provide the Sith Inquisitor an office on Hosnian Prime
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  • Structure Name: Sith Inquisitor Hosnian Prime office
  • Classification: A corporate office
  • Location: Hosnian Prime
  • Affiliation: Sith Inquisitor
  • Accessibility: Open to the public
  • Security: Minimal private security
  • Description: The Hosnian Prime office of the Sith Inquisitor occupies an entire floor of an office building on Fifth Avenue and comprises an endless sea of office clusters, where teams of ergonomic assessors work
  • Occupational therapists' office: Not only the Sith Inquisitor has access to ergonomic assessors, it also allows for an on-site occupational therapist for the workers and their dependents to use
HISTORICAL INFORMATION: When the Sith Inquisitor began to field preorders for ergonomic assessments on Hosnian Prime, it became clear that the sheer volume of ergonomic assessments being ordered warranted leasing an entire floor of office space, or more if the space was leased in a smaller building. Despite the high rents of the Fifth Avenue proper, it was decided that the potential extra revenue from ergonomic assessments as a result of prime office location was worth the cost of leasing said prime office space, signaling to potential clients that they mean business. In addition, it was important that the company looks after its employees so as to make sure that the investment in this new market is actually worth the cost of the overhead invested in it.
Not open for further replies.