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Approved Location Sith Inquisitor Denon office

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The King of Ergonomic Assessments

The building in which the Sith Inquisitor offices on Denon are located, Aura at College Park, as seen from street level

  • Structure Name: Sith Inquisitor Denon office
  • Classification: Business building
  • Location: Denon
  • Affiliation: Sith Inquisitor
  • Accessibility: Open to the public
  • Security: Minimal private security (2 guards for the 4th floor)
    Loadout: Generic light armor, A280 blaster rifles with stun and kill modes

[*]Description: Occupying the entire fourth foor of the building called Aura at College Park, the Sith Inquisitor offices on Denon feature enough space to house hundreds of ergonomic assessors and their support, administrative personnel, and is accessible using a series of escalators
Workplace health and safety library: Containing thousands of books related to labor law, as well as workplace health and safety law, and also how-to guides to performing ergonomic assessments depending on the type of work being performed and the setting, the Sith Inquisitor is one of the largess libraries specialized in workplace health and safety on the planet. Patrons can check out at most three items from the library for a period not exceeding 30 standard days, subject to renewal.

When the Sith Inquisitor won the deal to make ergonomic assessments for the owners of Aura at College Park on a yearly basis, the Sith Inquisitor was offered a deal to lease the fourth floor of said building at a discount. It then started to hire hundreds of different staffers: accountants, legal counsel, administrative asisstants, phone operators, and, of course, ergonomic assessors, foreseeing that their ergonomic assessment business will flourish on this planet especially if they market their ergonomic assessments properly. Once the lease started to take effect, they started using one of the larger empty shop spaces and converted it into a library dedicated to workplace health and safety, while the remainder of the walls were promptly removed to make way to office clusters, all of which are designed according to the latest in ergonomics guidelines to ensure the safety of the workers operating the workstations in that building.


The Flesh Of Fallen Angels
Please put the image inside a spoiler or resize it.

Security: Minimal private security
Please be a little specific on this matter. How many guards available, their loadouts, etc.

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