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Sir Hammerlock's Rangers

Sir Hammerlock

Sir Hammerlock's Rangers
Title of Leader: Ranger General
Headquarters: Orrazerus
Locations: Outer Rim Territories; Wild Space

Organized on the world Orrazerus in Wild Space; Sir Hammerlock's Rangers are those that enforce the basic unspoken laws in and around the only city of Orra. Their duty is to ensure the safety of its inhabitants from the local Fauna; including the enforcement of laws to prevent the inhabitants from breaking into complete chaos and lawlessness. Likewise they are also responsible for holding back bandits, pirates and other criminal elements that would otherwise seek to overrun and take advantage of; or exploit the inhabitants of Orra.

Based in what is otherwise a Bastion of civilization; Orra is the only city left on Orrazerus after all others have been abandoned over the many years. It is the only safe city left, as all other failed colonies are nothing more than overgrown ruins. The Rangers were thus formed after Sir Hammerlock brought law to Orra by organizing the local hunters that remained into a cohesive organization. Thus Sir Hammerlock's Rangers were organized by the need of law and for the benefit of the inhabitants.

Rangers are thus expected to act accordingly for the betterment of and to ensure the law and order. Thus they do not maintain a rigid stance on direct actions; viewing that life is not simple and does not fall into the confines of a Black and White universe that many other organizations see. Theft to feed ones family is often overlooked, while theft just to thieve is punished. All Rangers are thus expected to not adhere to a rigid moral stance of good and evil; rather they are trained to look at all the shades of grey that lay between the moral black and white.

Likewise the Rangers are trained to show loyalty to each other and to Sir Hammerlock's Rangers as a whole. Incorporating the thinking behind Esprit de Corps; 'Loyalty to the Corps.' The Rangers are trained to watch over one another and to aid each other. They are first loyal to each other before being loyal to any other cause. While this is not due out of a rigid desire of control; it is rather done so due to the limited number of Rangers, and the singular fact that members can not be easily replaced, nor are their losses acceptable in any form.

Forming in the same sense as a Paramilitary organization; their ranks however are less in number than other similar military organizations. Recruits are trained in the varying climates and biomes of Orrazerus; with many Rangers specializing in specific climates and regions. Training is arduous and many whom apply to become Rangers do not make it. This is either due to accidental deaths during training, or recruits simply washing out of the training process. Those whom do not make it; that have also shown some degree of specialty or talent in other aspects are still given an honor title and place within the Rangers as to ensure that their talents are not wasted. Highly specialized training includes survival and pathfinder skills; as well as search and rescue protocols. Ranks include.

  • Explorer: Applicants to Sir Hammerlock's Rangers that have not finished formal training.
  • Lieutenant: Honorific position within Sir Hammerlock's Rangers
  • Ranger: Official members who have completed training and are on duty
  • Ranger Captain: Officers and field commanders that have distinguished themselves from their comrades.
  • Ranger General: Highest ranking position; commander of Sir Hammerlock's Rangers

Maintaining no set relations with any other formal organization or political force; Sir Hammerlock's Rangers are focused on ensuring the safety of the people of Orra. Likewise they seek to ensure that the natural laws as given by which ever creator entity that one believes in; are not taken nor infringed upon. They have to this point begun to expand out from Orrazerus, though expansion at this moment is slow and in small pockets. However as time passes, relations with other organizations and political parties are bound to form.

At this point Sir Hammerlock's Rangers will fall back onto their set focus of ensuring law and order. To this end they are focused on a neutral policy when it comes to relations with others; as to prevent any show of biast towards one particular entity or the other. Their loyalties are to one another and to the people that they serve and strive to keep breathing.

Explorers; the lowest ranking members, are trained anywhere from a year to five years (if chosen for special training.) Training within the first few months consists of basic pathfinder and survival skills; all taught by Ranger Captains that are either too elderly to remain in the field, or Lieutenants that have shown a special aptitude for training, that have otherwise been unable to finish their training for some reason. These lessons are often in a closed setting and not directly in the field to ensure the safety of the Explorers.

More rigorous training happens after three months; with lessons, tests and occasional missions being watched over by Rangers. It is not an uncommon occurrence for Explorers to be killed during this later lessons, tests and missions. Others are often discharged due to injury, or inability to keep up and complete training. Those that have specialized skills that have been seen are often promoted to the honorary rank of Lieutenant and kept to aid in the training of other potential Rangers.

Upon completion of the basic course, members are promoted to full time Rangers and are set to active duty. However those that have shown an interest in further training or specialization in a specific climate; are given further training to foster those specialties. This creates a core group within Sir Hammerlock's Rangers often referred to as 'Wilderness Rangers.'

Force User Training
Understanding that there are those beings whom are capable of harnessing the Force; Sir Hammerlock's Rangers offer specialized training for those Explorers that show Force Sensitivity. While this course offers some of the same training as the normal Ranger course, it also includes training in the use of Force powers. However it does not train in the use of Lightsabers; as the Rangers do not show a specific affiliation or have a relationship with other Force User organizations that use Lightsabers.

Instead all Force Users are trained in the use of conventional weapons and melee weapons. Those with the desire to further train themselves as either Sith or Jedi are not shunned nor looked down upon. Rather they are greeted with an honorable discharge from the Rangers and sent on their way.

Sir Hammerlock's Rangers maintain operations on the world Orrazerus; varying in degree and complication. Ranging from simple Law and Order to Search and Rescue. The Rangers are trained in both law enforcement techniques; as well as the above mentioned specialized military training. This is to ensure that the Rangers themselves are capable of providing for and giving their all towards their duty of ensuring the safety of the inhabitants of Orra.

As they continue to grow, their operations will begin to develop into more fields. As well as to foster further operations on other worlds.

Sir Hammerlock

Edited due to a name change of the Faction.

The Foreign Legion has had its name changed to The Legion. This is due to The Legion sounding more fluid when read or spoken when compared to The Foreign Legion.

Sir Hammerlock

The Legion has been formally reorganized.

It is now Sir Hammerlock's Rangers.