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Sir Hammerlock

Sir Hammerlock

Sir Hammerlock


Hunter. Scholar. Gentleman.

NAME: Sir Hammerlock
FACTION: The Legion
RANK: Field Marshal Commander
AGE: 47
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 160lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Slightly Grayed
SKIN: Fair
FORCE SENSITIVE: If he were force sensitive; do you think that Thresher would have gotten the drop on him?


[+] Being an avid hunter, he is proficient with many long range rifles as well as a few close range firearms and has shown proficiency in the use of bladed melee weapons.

[+] Many years of successful hunts has caused him to grow confident in his abilities of tracking and hunting.

[-] Likewise that confidence in his abilities has caused him to grow complacent in the past, which resulted in his brush with a Gundark that nearly ended his life.

[-] Past events have caused him to become a bit shaken, often leading to an over compensation in his actions which have further injured him from time to time.

A man of relatively high tastes, he is most known for his style of clothing; harking back to the olden days of adventure and glory as read from children books of gentleman hunters and scholars. His hat is a defining mark of his appearance. A rather nasty spat with a Thresher has lead to the loss of his right arm, right leg and right eye; each of which have been replaced with robotic prosthetics. Likewise he does have a few scars that dot his body. One of the more noticeable facial features is his facial hair which is crafted in a 'Franz Josef' style.

Sir Hammerlock is a man of high standing born in the Core Worlds some Forty-Seven years ago. Birthed to a rather influential family; nannies raised him most of his life with there being only limited interactions with his mother and father. During these times he was raised up on old stories of gentlemen hunters and scholars which lead him to his path today. After a small stint as an officer in the Republic Military; mainly to secure funds for future endeavors, he founded his own small hunting lodge and charged tourist for his skills and guiding them on hunting tours. It was on one of these tours that he had a rather nasty spat with a Thresher. A few robotic prosthetics later and he was as good as new and continues to hunt.


Note: I'll be adding more details and information as time goes by.

Sir Hammerlock

Ah. Now that's better. What was I thinking with that silly name.

I am Sir Hammerlock. At your Service.