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Approved Tech SIN Observatory

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  • Manufacturer: SIN
  • Model: SIN Observatory
  • Affiliation: SIN, Coratani Cartel
  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Fibeplast, Holo-projector, Aurodium
  • Mass Surveillance
  • Observatory: The Observatories primary function is to act as a mass-surveillance device for SIN, Slevin, and Natalia Thawne. The device itself utilizes basic principals to splice it's feed into various holo-cameras, satellites, and other surveillance devices around the galaxy. The Observatory is in essence a massive spying machine, using protocols to reroute surveillance traffic and give it to the Observatory upon request. Most commonly it utilizes SIN's own surveillance equipment set up on their numerous holdings, but the Observatory is designed to slice into open facing holo-networked devices in the galaxy. This means that although the Observatory cannot see everything, it can see a great deal.
  • Security: Though the Observatory is capable of slicing into most open facing holo-network devices, the device is not inherently designed to breach powerful security measures. This means that although it is capable of rerouting surveillance traffic from most basic things, it couldn't hijack something that is actually well protected and secured. In simpler terms, it is unlikely that the Observatory could get feed from Cameras in Military bases, government facilities, etc.
  • Processing: Though the Observatory is powered by a massive super computer, the device still requires an extra-ordinary amount of processing power to actually work. As such the Observatory is limited to 'seeing' one thing at a time.
As SIN and The Coratanni Cartel have grown in both size and influence, Natalia and Slevin Thawne have found it more and more difficult to remain 'hands on' with either their legitimate or illegitimate businesses.

Though this poses no real threat to the development of the Corporation and Cartel due to the heavy presence of Natalia and Slevin's Children throughout both organizations, the two Crime Lords are still rather hesitant to let go. Both being control freaks, especially Slevin, the two needed something that would allow them to check in and monitor events around the Galaxy.

Of course, being the loving children they are, the Coratanni Bio-Slicers created a new device capable of allowing their mother and father a measure of continued insight.

The device born from these clever little children was the SIN Observatory. In effect the observatory is a super computer capable of slicing and replicating open-faced communication and surveillance devices. Utilizing corporations insecure protocols as well as the public's own lack of knowledge within the area, the Observatory essentially hijacks the millions upon millions of pieces of technology that are largely left insecure.

Through these devices the Observatory pins and places together a collected image, forming a 'view' with it's holo-projector that allows Slevin and Natalia a picture of whatever it is they want to see.

Of course this devices greatest failing is in it's simplicity. The Observatory never actually 'tries' too hard to take the feed off a device, and thus if something is secured the Observatory will simply leave it alone. Most of the time this means the Observatory cannot get a look into Secured Facilities such as Government buildings, Military bases, etc.

Despite this however, the SIN Observatory is more than sufficient for Slevin and Natalia's use.

The SIN observatory is accessed through a single 'planetarium' like console, installed within Slevin and Natalia's home. There is no other way to access the device.


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Simply so I can understand, I would like a couple questions answered;

  • How does an individual access this? Is it a physical terminal of sorts that someone must be there, or can it be accessed via hand-held devices?
  • You didn't say this was EMP resistant, but I still must ask, how does it react to an EMP going off in it's nearby vicinity?
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Sorry I probably should have mentioned.

It can only be accessed via a single display terminal(Exactly what it is in the picture) and is installed within Natalia and Slevin's residents. I've added this to the sub.

Also it would react just like any other computer would to an EMP, it's not hardened against that sort of attack.


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Awesome. Pending Factory Mentor Review.

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