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The Lapdog

NAME: Simultas
RANK: Lieutenant
AGE: Nearly two thousand years
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 7'9''
WEIGHT: 388 lbs.
EYES: Orange
SKIN: N/A. All muscle and nerve clusters

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+Gen'Dai, Can Travel- Simultas is a Gen'Dai, an ancient race of near-immortal beings. They are superbly strong, have malleable forms, and will only die if their entire body is destroyed.

+Loyalty- Because of the small-scale AMBER explosive in his chest, Simultas is completely loyal to [member="Terrance Olavi"]. He will do whatever Mr. Olavi says, without thinking of the consequences or moral dilemmas it might produce.

-Letter, not Spirit- Simultas is loyal to Terrance Olavi, but only loyal enough to not get ambered by the crime lord. He won't go out of his way to help him or his crime ring, and will even hinder Terrance when he thinks he can get away with it.
-Achilles Bomb- Simultas has a small AMBER explosive ingrained in his system, ensuring his cooperation with Terrance. If it is disturbed, it will AMBER Simultas, and anyone in the same room as him.

Simultas looks like your standard Gen'Dai, which is to say he doesn't look standard at all.

In his armor, Simultas is an imposing behemoth of duraplast, hiding all of his form. He's got his fair share of gadgets and gizmos, the most obvious one being the enormous laser gattler that attaches to his arm. Under the armor is a mass of nerve clusters and muscle fibers, twisting together like spaghetti. His face is the stuff of nightmares, with a maw of needle-like teeth and slitted snake eyes.

No one really knows how Simultas got under the thumb of the kingpin [member="Terrance Olavi"]. Gossip among the various syndicates reveals little. He may have been a hired mercenary, who pulled job after job for the Human. He may have been a family protector, who guarded the Olavi's for generations. He may have been another criminal, who tried to kill his rival. But all stories end the same.

Simultas was captured by Terrance, and a pressure-sensitive AMBER bomb was placed somewhere on his body. Gen'Dai have many advantages over other sentient species, but the AMBER would affect them the same as others. He was offered a choice, they said. Become a statue, or serve faithfully as Olavi's guard dog.

Simultas chose to live.