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Simple Words


A world that had it's own history as rich as Alderaan and at times just as frightening. Faith traveled today to visit Balmorra to see what could be done to strengthen the relationship between Alderaan and Balmorra.

Draco was working with Kuat still. Dr. Lovous was helping the mandalorians. The twins were in school. That left her with time on her hands to fill in with duties. The duties of a monarch. No longer the Crown Princess, she was now Queen Faith. that sounded so odd, Queen Faith. No she had decided she was still just Faith, The queen only showed up for events.

The ship would be landing soon and she would meet with representatives. Captain Lindsey smlied tugging on the new crest of his uniform, Protector of the Queen her personal guard. Yes when she got promoted so did everyone else.
Kerkov waited among the other administrators of the planet of Balmorra, the only one not standing. He had been born with paralysis, but over the years had learned to live with it. Despite what little pity or empathy his fellow administrators felt for the Twilek human hybrid, they hated him vehemently. He was an outsider, the only outsider in this high in rank amongst the government. But Kerkov was ok with his situation, for the sentiment was shared.

The Twilek wasn't sure if he should be excited or disdainful or the arrival of the Alderaanian Monarch. Kerkov had heard of their allegiance to the Coalition of Free Worlds, and her work for what he perceived as good. But he had never met the queen, and did not know her intentions, keeping his tired, but attentive mind on alert. Regardless, Kerkov was anxious for her appearance on this constantly war torn world.

[member="Faith Organa"]
Faith's ship landed. Within the newly crowned Queen felt her insecurities bubble up. Am I so different now that I am not Princess? Will they expect me to be different?

Oh goodness.

She looked out the portal seeing the group of administrators waiting. She swallowed her fears with her guard and her Aide Ana Faith exited. She smiled towards them all, waved just a little. She was still Faith.

Balmorra needed to hear what Faith had to say, she needed to entice them to become part of the Coalition. The safety of their sector was reliant upon all of them working together for the common good. As she moved closer to the group she saw how their eyes watched her every move. It made her nervous. She smiled more. Take something bad and turn it into something good, just like she had tried to teach her daughter [member="Laira Vereen"].

"Greetings I'm so pleased that you were all so willing to meet with me"

[member="William Kerkov"] Jr.
All of the administrators introduced themselves whilst greeting the queen, Thorton Kries, Hera Histha, Janissar Nischa, and Gregor Wilkes, leaving Kerkov to talk last on their behalf, "We are glad you graciously came to speak with us, I am William Kerkov the second." Finishing his little line, the twi'lek-human hybrid sat back in his chair, the exhaustion of working the entire night having its effects on him. Kerkov peeked at the bodyguards the Queen brought, interested in her protected detail.

Alas, he would not have enough time to examine them all, as the most senior of the administrators, Kries, moved the diplomatic meeting along, "Please, Queen Organa, follow me to the meeting chambers, a brisk walk from here." As the administrators followed Kries, Kerkov led his hoverchair in pursuit of Kries. Hopefully he would find out the intentions of the Queen in this small diplomatic session.

[member="Faith Organa"]
Faith tried to memorize each name as presented, greeted each by name as she smiled kindly and nodded hello. "William Kerkov the second my pleasure." The Alderaanian Royal Guards were nearby watching with interest. If they took notice of the interest of [member="William Kerkov Jr. "]they would only mention it to Captain Lindsey who stood at Faith's elbow always.

Faith smiled, "Absolutely" Faith did not mind getting down to talking. At many other meetings Faith was usually led through the lines of dignitaries, given food and drink which was needed after the long line of dignitaries. She would then be led into the conference center where for another duration of time they would talk her until she felt ready to pass out from exhaustion.

They entered the meeting chambers, two guards halted outside the door, while two came in and stood on either side of the door. Captain Lindsey waited in the hall.

Faith stood behind a chair waiting for all the others to sit down.

"I have looked forward to speaking with representatives from Balmorra for sometime. I am glad we are able to speak now."

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