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Approved NPC Sigma Praetorian

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..:: Sigma Praetorian ::..
"We stand alone, together..."

..:: Out of Character Information ::..

  • Provide Amelia Sorenn-Syrush, Knight-Commander of the Holy Order of the Righteous Flame, and Countess of House Syrush, with a unique personal bodyguard unit akin to Orson Krennic's Death Trooper Squad.

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..:: General Information ::..

Unit Name: Sigma Praetorian

  • Amelia Sorenn-Syrush
  • House Syrush of Alderaan
  • Free Worlds Coalition
  • The Holy Order of the Righteous Flame

Classification: Personal Guard Squad


..:: Combat Information ::..

Availability: Unique

Deployment: Limited

  • Squad Operations are a specialty, with the bulk of the training undergone by Sigma Praetorian personnel being focused on small squad based tactics. They are most effective when operating independently of other military units.

  • Each individual of the squad shows an unwavering loyalty to Knight-Commander Amelia Sorenn-Syrush (whom often hand chose specific individuals for the squad). This loyalty goes above and beyond, to the point of Sigma Praetorian personnel placing themselves in direct danger to ensure the safety of the Knight-Commander.

  • Adaptability is a hall mark of the Sigma Praetorian Squad, and thus they are not equipped with the basic arms and armor of the Holy Order of the Righteous Flame. Rather they are equipped with various armaments from across the Galaxy chosen not due to their uniform use; rather chosen for their effectiveness and capabilities.

  • Sigma Praetorian Personnel are not properly trained in the handling and operations of many vehicles. While capable of utilizing speeders, or other such craft in a pinch or as a situation requires, they lack the proper instruction on long term use, care and maintenance, as well as proper road safety and etiquette.

  • Limited numbers mean that the Squad can not be randomly thrown into a fray without worry or no forethought as to the safety of its members. Due in part to specific training individuals have undergone, the loss of a single member places the Squad at a diminished operating capacity which will severely impact their effectiveness.

  • The current individuals of Sigma Praetorian display a closeness with one another that has developed over the course of multiple missions and operations. This has lead to an increase in effective combat readiness, however it is likely that should any individual of the squad be lost, any "replacement" individual to the squad would likely cause combat effectiveness to suffer due to multiple reasons.


The Sigma Praetorian was formed by Knight-Commander Amelia Sorenn-Syrush to serve as her personal bodyguard squadron. Potential individuals went through a series of training exercises to test their capabilities both in a battlefield situation and more cramped quarters of an urban environment. Training was much like the training that the Stormtrooper Units underwent on Carida at the height of Palpatine's Galactic Empire. Only those individuals that were capable of withstanding this training were accepted and moved on to additional training.

This additional training focused on small squad based tactics, as well as proper high society etiquette and manners. This was to ensure that Sigma Praetorian personnel knew and understood how to act in a more diplomatic or high society setting while also remaining ready for any potential danger at a moments notice. This training was to ensure that the unit was capable of acting on its own without direct commands if need be.

However due in part to focusing on specific training, some aspects were neglected. As mentioned, while they are capable (from personal experience) of handling a small handful of vehicles, they were not trained in maintaining those vehicles; or in the use and handling of other vehicles such as Starfighters and Shuttles.

..:: Additional Information ::..

Squad Size:
  • 9 Knights

Sigma Praetorian Members:
  • Knight-Captain Braxis Krig - Squad Commander
  • Knight-Lieutenant Thel Jiktar - Second-in-Command / Communications
  • Knight-Lieutenant Verdian Sibar - Engineering
  • Knight-Corporal Myri Lerann - Medic
  • Knight-Corporal Silvia Kolbrun - Squad Support
  • Knight-Errant Logra Tiovata - Explosives / Demolitions
  • Knight-Errant Strata Morituri - Heavy Weapons
  • Knight-Errant Alsten Dorien - Rifleman
  • Knight-Errant Ziare Lassiter - Rifleman
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