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Approved Lore Sibsi N Sanilër For'ta Nidan

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Harsh Master

  • Organization Name: Sibsi (Covenant) N (of) Sanilër (Beautiful) For'ta (Force) Nidan (Females)
  • Classification: Force Order
  • Affiliation: Hapan Consortium
  • Organization Symbol: Order
  • Description: Based within a temple on K'Farri, the order are Hapan force users in all of the senses. However they are not jedi nor sith instead being more neutral, they function to protect from influence of either side, protect the queen mother and create the strongest force dynasties to protect the consortium. Their training with blades, speeders, horses and ridable animals, ranged weapons, tactical fighters and naval warfare are highly developed to let them function within any branch of the Hapan military or society. They have continued to honor the queen mothers mandate and become highly insuler with many of the Hapan houses.
  • Hierarchy:
    • Queen Mother: Supreme Leader that they answer to.
    • Balzarg: Revered masters of the order, generally in charge of naval ships and teaching any number of students.
    • Ereneda: The most common and numerous, knights go out and work within the consortium, train squires usually having two of them for themselves if they want it and solving disputes.
    • Hoath: Initiates and apprentice level force users who are taught from being little children how to use the force to physically enhance themselves.
    • Noco: Males with force sensitivity that are within the consortium.
  • Membership:
    • IC: Be a force using Hapan willing to accept the role and serve within the consortium while not leaving as easily.
    • OOC: Be a hapan force user
  • Climate:
    • OPen Environment to Hapan's of the world. THose deemed special "force sensitive" are able to be brought here to be taught semi secretly. (everyone knows about it but no one talks about it) the servants of the temple are the male force users they have for selective breeding stock.
    • Death is not a danger within but imperfections, scars and damage to the body can lower ones status within and take away much of their choices. Males are subject to much the same treatment as they always are within the COnsortium, not equal to the females but they are more selected for their strength and beauty then anything else so education is not needed as much.
  • Reputation:
    • Seen by most Hapan's as tolerated, they are neither liked or disliked taking those who might be a danger or could be exploited from outsiders like the jedi or the sith. The Order is granted a few things such as land and honorary titles that are never really given power but are more seen as a status symbol.
    • On K'Farri the orders influence is widerspread with farms, businesses deferring to them and giving equipment or support. THey are not open to do everything that they want to do but they are allowed to move around semi freely. They are meant to keep jedi and sith influence from spreading within the consortium to much.
  • Curios:
    • Robes
    • Earrings
    • Hairpins
  • Rules:
    • Do not Concede to Evil
    • Do not Dishonor your House
    • Do not Dishonor the Queen Mother
    • Do not Dishonor or Betray the COnsortium
  • Goals: To mitigate outside force orders influence within the Consortium, to protect the Queen mother and each of the worlds of the consortium. To create the strongest and most beautiful force users.
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Founded within the Consortium when they were staying within Isolation. The Queen Mother Allana Badeaux noticing that despite jedi, sith or other force orders not being able to come in or influence them. Force sensitives were still coming to exist so she founded an academy on one of the lesser known worlds. THey were made with intention to controla nd focus the force sensitives who had been collected for their beauty by the pirates and stolen away to the hidden worlds.

Their training was designed to be intense, powerful and at times even outright savage but the recruits and ones who could pass the trials fashioned eventually their own force blades and weapons. THeir training skills in physical enhancement, body building and sculpting and naval warfare as well as ground engagement rival's the Hapan royal guards with some exceptions. The most notable being that they do not wear veils. The Trials that many of them go through to become strong and participate in internal games that test their skills.

The other big distinction is that they are loyal to and answer exclusively to the queen mother herself. Being an arm of the military but they are without the oversight that normally comes to other divisions. THe Nidan Ereneda are called without equal for a reason. Even when the queen mother allied with the empire they were still able to hold out and survive because of their skills. Taking a more secluded place within the consortium and waiting until the new queen mother called upon them again.

The creation of powerful families of spoon benders as one queen mother had called them is important. Like most of Hapes beauty and breeding are an important part of their ritual. The knights of the order are allowed to marry when they reach fourteen should they wish but are generally encouraged to wait until eighteen to let a match be found for them that will produce the most beautiful and powerful force babies. THis was one of the mandates along with many of the regular Hapan traditions.

The children when being trained are taught policial skills to survive in the consortium, education for starships, math, sciences, chemistry, interpersonal and history are there but so is a hardline adherence to Hapan ideals. No man shall rule over them again and it is their duty to protect the Queen Mother from outsider influences with isolationist doctrine. The final biggest thing is the rite of Annulment A rare act, if joined together the female retains the right to divorce should a child not be conceived then a new husband can be chosen.
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