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Siax Syxx (wip)

Siax Syxx

Name: Bio-synthetic model six aka "Siax Syxx"
Faction: N/A
Rank: N/A
Species: diathim/yuuzhan Vong/Ipharian Da'lor (tank bred)
Age: (sine last cloning/bio-modification) 296 standard days
Sex: androgynous (none, identifies as masculine)
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 120 lbs
Eyes: serpentine slits, Gray (left) darker gray (right)
Hair: N/A
Skin: pale gray with patches of scales over his body
force: yes (hidden ability. used to disable the force directed at him like a ysalameri)

enhanced reflexes
mental hardening (to resist jedi/sith mental influance)
massive force resistance

extreme cold/heat (he is cold blooded)
unfiltered bright lights (he has no eye lids, his helmet visor helps him adapt to his)

Appearane: Siax's thinsuit covers his body completely the helmet is modified to handle a H.U.D a sound suppressing stealth field generator is clasped around the waist, along with two sword sheaths on the back, and two knife holsters on the outside of his thighs.
under the thinsuit Siax is pale skinned with patches of scales scattered across his body. his face has no mouth, in it's stead is a vocaliser to enable him to communicate..
two ultracrome lightweight swords, with replaceable heat sinks in the hilt to allow sustained combat with energy based weapons
two ultrachrome knives
sound suppressing stealth field generator
Thinsuit with a H.U.D. the hud provides siax with a motion tracker with a range of 20 meters and enables him to keep track of his vitals. the H.U.D. also assists him with light shading automatically to allow him to see.

Bio: Siax was meant to be a weapon. as he was created his makers pit him against things that would kill him horridly. Every time he died they remade him with the previous incarnation's memory and a way to counter what killed him. Siax had died over three hundred times before his current body was made. after he passed his test siax turned to the one who made him and asked "Does this one have a soul?"
his creators were shocked by his question. unprepared for this the wanted to kill him and remake him with out free will. siax did not die however, siax killed his creators and fled the world. becoming a nomad.