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Siala Brennus

Well-Known Member

NAME: Siala “Sia” Brennus
FACTION: Echani Command
RANK: Knight
AGE: Late 20’s
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 135 lbs
EYES: Silvery blue
HAIR: White-blonde
SKIN: Fair
STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum):

+ Firedancer: Though mostly used for ceremonial purposes and practice, she is able to use exotic weaponry.
+ Active lifestyle: Swordsmanship, dancing, martial arts – she’s no couch potato.
+ Art of Movement: She is well-versed in this ability, and often employs it during her practice

- Judgmental: If she’s unable to see someone fight, she’s quick to form opinions about people.
- Short-sighted: Very focused on the here and now, she sometimes loses sight of what’s to come.

PERSONALITY: Individualistic, aloof, blunt, dedicated

APPEARANCE: Average height, with a slim and delicate build – she’s stronger than she looks. Like many of her heritage, she has striking features; including blue/silver eyes and a mane of platinum blonde. She dresses with an effortless style, and moves with an otherworldly sense of grace and fluidity.

Siala followed in her mother’s footsteps and trained in the art of firedancing from childhood. She enjoyed a fairly privileged life on Eshan, up until she decided to leave to train in the ways of the force. Together with her master, she traveled the galaxy and learned much about the life of a Jedi. Although she now had the force to use, she still seemed to prefer the Echani way of fighting – this was just an ability that would enhance the skills she already had. Upon reaching her knighthood, she parted ways with her Master – unsure if the Jedi ways meshed well with her own.

She needed time to explore.

Roaming at will, she gave demonstrations of Echani martial arts to those that were interested. Sia was satisfied with this way of life, but has recently felt the pull to put her skills to better use. Along with the longing to return home to Eshan, she has also discovered a desire to share her abilities with others.