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Show Me How to Be Whole Again (Cody/Ask)

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
Mirien sighed, out at a street-side cafe in the upper levels of Coruscant. Her own assignment had completed, and it seemed with the help of the healer Cody and Mirien had found that they had managed to save her life. But at the expense of the lightsided healer's life. Though if what had been inside of her mind and soul had remained, only devastation and death would be left in her wake.

Idly, she read through a paper, catching up on galactic news. Seems the Jedi are sinking a city of millions to save it... Where is the logic in that? Murdering millions of civilians for what? The cost of a few thousand enemies. They've become as bad as the Sith. And to think there was a time I thought the treaty between the war-fearing Jedi and the war loving Sith was funny.... But somehow now it seems a perfect thing to have. Their war mongering makes then a big giant target for the rest of the galaxy.

A bit of sweat had begun to bead upon her forehead, glistening in the moonlight, one of the many symptoms she carried of withdrawal after her ordeal with Cody on Kromm. Her thoughts were disturbed, a sense of danger, and instantly she was on her feet but it was a moment too late as a dart whizzed through the air. Striking her in the neck. Reaching up she plucked it from her skin with a since looking at it for a moment, before it fell to the floor.

That one alone, not enough to put her down, a whiz and she knew another was coming. Before it impacted again, burring itself into her neck she pressed to her com dialing Cody. "Help ..." She whispered as her knees gave way beneath her. Her hands the only thing keeping her from falling completely. Her vision fast fading, "Sleep dart, someone ...taking me..." If it was meant to be deadly, she'd already be so, which left her to assume she was wanted alive. "Use beacon .... fi..nd.. m..m..me" Her voice just at the softest of whispers before her body finally gave out. For she could only hold out so long before her body would fail her. Once the last word was spoken, a clatter could be heard, before the line cut out with an audible crunch.

There was a reason this group of hunters had followed her here. This time of night, there was hardly a soul around anyway save for one cafe attendant. As a hunter flew down, parking alongside the balcony cafe area where the brunette had been peacefully reading, and not harming a soul only moments before, and now lay sprawled upon the ground.

Taking out his real blaster, he make quick work of the attendant, and slung Mirien over his shoulder like a rag doll. Blind, and trapped in the darkness, Mirien was hardly aware of where she was being taken or why for that matter. Sure she'd hurt a fair few people, but killed quite a bit, but surely this wasn't over something like that. No, after the first dart struck, the intention was so very different. Even the feelings in the force told her this being didn't wish her dead, wanted her .... for something. But what that something was, would have to be discovered later when she came 'round again. Her only hope was that Cody had gotten her message, that he knew she was in grave dangerous, caught off guard and bad things were starting.

The man was soon joined by six others, all surrounding the man holding the Grand Inquisitor. For even on a planet this large, there was no telling who might attempt an escape to free her. Even the Darksider had been injected with a heavier, longer lasting sedative just to ensure they reached their destination, without any hiccups. Quickly the group stayed in the shadows, Mirien covered in a stun cloak with the way it was wrapped around her body, most passerby's would think her only a sickly woman that was too weakened and ill to stand on her own to feet. With a shift the man carrying her made it appear as if she had nestled her head into his shoulder for comfort, though all of this an act. Not one bit of it was as it seemed to the people around them.

Soon enough they were on board a ship, her placed onto a bed, and heavily restraints, the type made just for her kind. If they had a say in it, and boy did they ever, that she'd not wake again until they'd reached they unnamed planet, that they made home for their experiments, and she being so powerful, simple fact was she was ideal for what they were going to push her through. Her clothing and personal effects, removed from her slender form, and a simple gown, with a set of scrub like pants was all that she'd receive in return, but at least she wasn't naked. Though it only took a few tugs of strings to remove the clothing, it would be a tiny comfort when she woke alone.

An IV placed into her hand that would constantly feed a small amount of a mind clouding drug as well as a heavy sedative into her system for the time being. Once they got back to base, a few things would change. But that was nothing even she could concern herself with, not when she was forced into sleep when she wanted nothing more than the chance to fight back. And then, she was left alone, in peace with no one to disturb her, though her vitals were monitored by the good doc on a few screens in key areas within the confines of the ship. The only sounds that came from the medical prison cell, were a few moans as she shifted in her sleep, not knowing she was bound, and usually about that time the doc would come again and dose her with a bit more of the sedative. Mirien, would not remember this trip at all, and that was the whole point of drugging her to high hell.

Cody Weadge

Weadge, Cody Weadge
"I don't think my request was all that unreasonable. Are you sure you will not reconsider?" Special Agent Weadge asked the man tied to a chair before him in a voice that sounded as if he could not care either way.

The man was breathing hard, no doubt caused by the pain of losing an ear. Cody's heat blade had cauterized the wound, but the nerves were still raw and searing. Of course, the mental aspect of knowing he would be forever disfigured was bound to be even more significant. Take out the cocktail of drugs pumping through his veins though, and the man was otherwise unarmed. "I will never tell. You might as well kill me now."

To the agent, those were the words of a coward afraid of breaking, and wishing to be silenced before he spoke. In fact Cody was just about to do something creative when his com activated in his ear. "Help ...Sleep dart, someone ...taking me...Use beacon .... fi..nd.. m..m..me"

With that, the interrogation was over. "I'll let you consider my proposal for awhile," Cody said. Then, to the man's horror and cries to stop the agent left the room sealing it behind him. The store was long since abandonded, and its cooler no longer cold, but that made it useful in other ways. The cooler was sealed tightly enough that very little sound escaped, and the room had a tendency to get very hot. By the time Cody returned, the man would either be willing to talk... or dead of dehydration. Neither a lager loss.

Carefully exiting the store thorugh its rear entrance, Cody made his way to his air car. There he activated the tracker he had used to track the possesed Mirien down. Even if they searched everywhere, the kidnappers were not likely to find the device implanted directly into the Grand Inquisitor's spine. Flying through the skyways as quickly as he could, Cody arrived at the airport just in time to watch the ship with Mirien's tracker rise through the atmosphere.

Now there would be no way to track her until they came out of hyperspace. A sinking sensation filled his gut, but he refused to give in to it. Instead he turned the air car and pointed it to where their ship was parked. At least prepping it for launch would occupy his mind for a bit.

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser
Did androids dream of electric sheep?

Moira would not be able to put the question to the test because she never slept. No rest, no vices, no petty emotional issues holding her back. No one in Archangel ever slept, the corporation was like hard steel, polished to perfection much like her long oak desk, polished to a glassy sheen, flimsi folders and datapads neatly stacked and ordered in a manner that would hint at a strong case of OCD. The lighting was dim, though through the curtains the moonlight shined through, providing illumination. Not that she minded the shadows; they belonged to her.

Come day, come night, the factory on Corellia was a hub of activity, transmissions incoming at a fast rate, shooting through her mind as she received updates on production figures, manufactured HRDs, on the provision of minerals from Saelari Mining for the construction of the droid chassis, new potential targets for processing, reports from her contacts in the underworld about Cora Passek's movements. Or simply how many liked her latest vid on Galaxytube had received. Opportunities had to be found and exploited, resources allocated to promising ventures, some legitimate, some the exact opposite, threats had to be terminated.

Those cold blue eyes followed the graceful sweep of the branch as it bent - just so. Moira did not gaze upon the delicacy of the bonsai for comfort - that was such an alien word - but to contemplate the paradoxes they incarnated was profound. Beauty was expressed through deformity, the essence of nature captured through artificial means, confined space representing the universe's infinite vastness.

All around her the Galaxy was being drawn into chaos, like an abyss. War was spreading like wildfire, Death's Scythe was reaping thousands, nay millions of beings, purging the weak. Yet in the chaos order could be discerned. The balance before her was a reminder that order was there, the harmony showed that perfection would exist. The Galaxy would have to be driven towards more chaos, more destruction. As always organics were so eager to become tools of their own demise, their own gravediggers. Especially those so assured of the righteousness and nobility of their own cause that they turned into a reflection of what they fought.

Like the Jedi.

Even here Moira was working and so beyond the bonsai an array of projectors and holo feeds was built up before her eyes, feeding her vast amounts of information at a rate no human could follow at this pace. Screens depicting calamities bombarded her droid mind and what she beheld pleased her. Overlaying this were the soft yet dark melodies of an Artam church orchestra, warning of damnation and promising rebirth. She had left her old life as a human, as a mortal behind, yet she liked the tune - perplexingly enough. Yet no longer a weak human cowering in fear of the Fates, she was an engineer of Fate itself.

Today the future was designed in a factory on the assembly line, piece by piece.

A jolt shooting through her mind, a transmission. "The latest figures on the resources provided by Saelari Mining. We have confirmation that Ms Saelari will be taking her senior staff for a company weekend on Corellia. We have located a suitable hotel and prepared to initiate operations." These words were transmitted through her mind, it was not just words that were shared but images, plans, blueprints.

Moira nodded briefly, though the HRD she was talking to, who had the face of a green Twi'lek, would not be able to see her. "Families will have to be processed as well. Discretion is imperative to propel Aurelia's career forward. Liaise with Maelion," she did not move her lips for she was speaking purely electronically, so much more efficient than verbal communication. Another report came shooting through, unconfirmed for now, but it appeared Coryth Elaris had been sighted near the Jedi Temple. Perhaps she would tear it down, that would be beautiful to watch. Moira crinkled her nose slightly in disgust, a very human gesture, at the mention of a plant Sith lord. She made a note to have the laboratory test the feasibility of weed killer. Some organics were not worthy of being processed after all, they must be terminated outright. Something about Coryth appearing sickly...perhaps worth looking into and investigating.

Take a year, a decade, a century...one day there would be order and the Galaxy would be beautiful. She would surmount mountains of corpses to achieve it.

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
What seemed like forever had passed, only hazy moments from where the doctor hadn't quite been quick enough to introduce the same sedative again and again, three and a half hours like clockwork before she'd start to pull away from sleep, a soft groan, a shifting of shackles all clues she was beginning to wake. Without fail those simple actions were enough to send the good doctor running like mad to make sure she stayed asleep.

Finally now on a hidden moon in the backwaters of Known Space, he stopped and the man smiled. "She may hate it, but it will be the only home she has anymore."

Another of the team grinned, "Given enough time, she won't even remember where home was, who her friends were, her family, loved ones all will be lost, and she'll snatch onto one of us for hopes of knowing.... Only helps the girl lost her memories once already. I can promise she'll do anything and everything we ask to. Literally anything, to save what few memories she does have."

Soon enough orders were given for a much higher dose of the clouding agent. A pale grey liquid was drawn up from a vial before being forced into the IV. The smallest of whimpers came as that drug burned in large does, which was mostly why the good doc had left her sedated. Unlike many at the experimental facility, he had a heart and did not wish the woman to suffer more than the experiments he'd been assigned to would.

After a few moments, once he was certain the clouding drug had taken over, he motioned for the others to start removing her bindings. Another vial, he withdrew a light blue fluid and pushed it through her IV line. A couple more minutes and she began to stir groaning softly, her head throbbing, pounding completely. As she reached to wipe her face, the situation fast came back to. and slowly she shook her head, unbelieving. Every attempt to touch the force made the pounding inside her mind worse.

"You won't be able to use the force unless we wish it of you." One spoke cryptically to her.

Her singular true defense relied solely on the force, and now there was nothing, she couldn't even feel it. Not at all. Eyes searched the room till they came to the one she knew the face of, the one that dosed her every last time she tried to wake, he drugged her again. "What have you done to me?!" She demanded, panting to try and keep the dread, fear, panic and utter despair away.
"Tell me!" This time she was yelling. With her hands bound, and eyes moving to see another set of shackles being brought, she shook her head no. "Please ... don't do this. Please! Please, I just want to go home."

The doctor, reached out, a hand lightly on her shoulder. "You need to calm down, you'll only make things worse for yourself if you don't. You are among trained killers and assassins, and defenseless. How long do you think you would live, before there is a knife jammed into your ribs, or your throat slit open?"

It only took a second for her to figure the odds, seven of them, one of her ... and in a state like this, even she could not take Cody on alone, much less any being close to that level. Her shoulders fell, and tears slowly leaked from the corners of her eyes. A hover-chair was brought on board, and quickly two of them shuffled her into it, making sure all that was attached, remained so in the chair before more restrictive restraints were placed upon her.

Finally she was brought inside,to a place that only seemed to frighten her. It was deep within the bowels of the facility, and there in the middle a table, or bed. All she knew was it looked to be the most uncomfortable thing ever. And as the head scientist looked her over as if coldly calculating how he was to do and manage the experiments. Mirien glared coldly, and defiantly up at him as she could manage. A mistake perhaps as the next words, were not one's she wished to hear.

"Strip her." He said simply, "further examination is required, and clothing will only get in the way." He sighed for a moment, as Mirien was being herself, squirming trying to fight to grasp at the clothing. "Fighting is futile, my dear girl. Happened upon your DNA by sheer accident, and been searching ever since. One of the highest midiclorian counts I've personally seen." A sharp cold knife brought to her neck, made the Grand Inquisitor stiffen, her arm's now pulled back into a position that even in her weakened state she could not fight. A howl of frustration was all she could manage at that point as her shirt was untied from the back and pulled away, then her own pants.

Hours must have passed, as she lay there tied painfully to the table, unable to even turn her head to see what was to happen next. From tissue samples of various varieties, to a fresh swab of DNA, to standard blood, not a part of her hadn't been checked and looked at. But finally there was some mercy as a sheet was laid over her body to allow her some modest. "You see, when you don't fight, things don't have to be nearly as painful." All she could do was blink as the tears spilled over. "Now to do something about that tracking device. I got to play with one once, and I'd rather you not be killed in the process, but I believe I can short circuit it."

Now those words left her reason to worry, "Please ... don't play with that. Please, one error, you kill me."

"I'm fully aware the risks, but you've no choice in the matter. I decide if you live or die." With those words she jerked hard on the restraints, doing everything she could to pull free. "Enough!" He snapped at her reaction, but that wasn't a deterrent. He asked for some specific drug, a name she didn't know.... leaving her concern to only grow as did her struggles.

When the aide returned a clear unlabeled vial in hand, she ripped harder at the leather like restraints"Let me go!" She screamed, but he said nothing to her in return. just continued to draw up the fluid into the syringe. "This drug, is rather nifty, from the point I injected it into your spine, you'll experience temporary paralysis. Anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the dose and how sensitive you are to it. If you really wish to fight, well ... You'll learn what real pain is. I say enough, you'd best listen." A couple buttons were pressed upon the table, and it with her rolled onto her left side. Sliding a panel away exposed her lo back and where the device had been placed within her. Taking the syringe he jammed it into the base of her neck, delivering the painful substance that left her weeping and whimpering. It was all she could do. Then to hear him ask for a scalpel, a look of horror swept across her face. "No anesthesia?" Panic written clearly in her voice.

"Call it punishment. I'm only opening a small space, with a specific voltage, and yes .. I'm going to operate on you as well as shock the hell out of you, all while you can't move and feel every last stroke of the blade." Without another word, he made the first cut, to which she screamed, sobbing in complete agony as he toyed with such a sensitive area. Then a few more cuts and her cries, pleas, begging for it to stop only grew but she already could just tell by looking at him the first time, if he was determined to do something, nothing was going to stop him. That tracker had to be disabled before they could continue with testing of their new force drug, tailor made to addict them to it, and keep them from ever using the force.

Finally he came to the device, "Remember you could have avoided all of this had you just listened to me." A simple slip of two tiny electrodes into and against the device before he unleashed the surge on her body, tremors raced through her, as she shook against the table, unable to move just able to cry out, louder than she had through any of it before that moment. A few minutes later, he removed the electrodes, and did a simple scan, the device no longer active whatsoever. "About all they will have now, is the planet name, but little more. A needle in a haystack. You won't be found Miss Novar." With those final words, Mirien still trembling, he took up a needle and painfully stitched the wound closed before covering it with a bacta patch.

@[member="Moira Skaldi"] @[member="Cody Weadge"]

Cody Weadge

Weadge, Cody Weadge
Time stretched as Cody waited for the kidnappers to arrive at their destination. It was hard to wait, even for someone that was accustomed to waiting as long as he needed to complete a mission. When it was the woman you loved, in the hands of unknown enemies, you were waiting to save patience seemed to go out the window. Along with compassion for the enemy. They would survive only long enough to reveal why before they died.

The three and a half hours gave him time to plan though. A inquiry with someone that owed him a favor got him the information on the ship, as well as surveillance photos of the kidnappers. None of them were in the Imperial database, and his contact had reported zero matches in the Republic database as well. Going out on a limb, he sent a message to an old acquaintance who had done work with the Empire before.

"Moira, sending some images. Priority targets, but no info."

Finally the tracker in Mirien's spine reappeared, and did not disappear. They had arrived at their destination. A quick analysis of distance, direction, and timing yielded a planet name. But frustratingly little else. He needed to go after her, but he had no idea what he would run into when he arrived. Another message was sent to Moira containing the planet involved. Perhaps she had an idea.

@[member="Mirien Valdier"] @[member="Moira Skaldi"]

Moira Skaldi

Paperclip Maximiser
@[member="Mirien Valdier"], @[member="Cody Weadge"]

The information appeared with a flash on her computer screen as Moira sat in her office, dealing with the logistical issues that were part and parcel of running a corporation. Gaze and posture was calm, impassive as she processed the images of the individuals and then later the planet name. She pondered the request - and more importantly what was not being said.

The Galactic Empire was a great degree smaller than the nation whose glory it aspired to emulate, but its intelligence services were professional. This made the fact that they turned to out an outside freelancer concerning their lack of information quite significant. Moira was not part of the Empire, nor did she follow the flag of any nation on the galactic map, but she did do freelance consultancy work. Information, just as everything else, was a resource that was supposed to be strategically allocated and utilised for optimal profit maximisation.

Who actually came out on top in the game of thrones was not of significance to her - every success proved fleeting, every organic died eventually. It went without saying that her services were not for free, but then nothing that was worth anything in this Galaxy was.

Priority targets could mean any number of things. Anti-Empire terrorists, hostile agents from a foreign power, possibly even rogue forcers given the Atrisian's known ideological views on them. That said she accessed her databanks, drawing on the vast stores of information, at the same time filtering through her list of contacts. Moira might have left MICO after going off the grid following the battle of Yaga Minor, but she still knew people there. An HRD could store vast amounts of information and it never forgot anything.

Eyes flashed as a flicker of recognition passed across her features after running through the search programme, the databank scoring a match on one of the targets, the identifying aspect being a star branded into his neck. Former Bando Gora acolyte, Cult of Nergal, reportedly involved in experiments on Bespin, but evaded capture, later bought himself free by selling information. The other kidnappers remained illusive.

As for the planet, it was unremarkable but after long digging one potentially interesting gem was dug up in form of the Rossum Corporation. This firm had recently set up shop on the planet and performed several construction projects to 'aid in its development' and 'improve its infrastructure'. Because the world did not even register as a blip on the galactic radar, no power was really checking, but a tip from an old Contruum contact yielded the information that the company had been hiring a number of mercenaries...to guard construction projects.

Mirien Valdier

Ice Queen
@[member="Moira Skaldi"] @[member="Cody Weadge"]

Mirien's whole body seems to shake as the panels that gave the good doctor access to her back were closed and more buttons were pressed as he had the table repositioned to where she was once more laying flat. She could barely breathe, panting, with so little to say as tears fell so easily.

"Do you understand now?" Will you listen? Or are you going to continue to resist? Because this does not have to be horrible, so humiliating for you Rebecca. Perhaps even get some form of clothing back aside from a thin drafty sheet that shows just how cold you are on this table."

She only shut her eyes tightly, tears flowing down her cheeks, "Look at me." He demanded. and for a long moment, she hesitated, she didn't want to give in, to give up now. "Look at me, this instant!" His voice growing louder. Mirien wished to fight in every way possible, but she knew how much pain that could bring her, after all he just wanted her to open her eyes, so finally submitted. Dark sad eyes came to focus upon him again.

"Good girl." He said caressing her cheek in a compassionate, caring manner. "I don't want to hurt you. You must understand that. However, the choices you make force my hand. I merely give you the options, and it is you who chooses pain. You will be controlled, if you can't be, you become useless and you'll be disposed off. In your weakened state, you stand no chance. That is after all the purpose of the drugs, the restraints." He said motioning to her limp body on the table.

Her eyes moved slowly as she watched him head away to a cabinet, bringing back a small silver suitcase. Returning to her side, he laid it on a medical tray alongside other instruments and devices that in Mirien's eyes could only be used for torture. Opening the case, he pulled the first vile, one of seven, and then a syringe. Looking to a reading on a bedside monitor, he nodded to himself and started to draw a dose for her. "Have you ever used Spice Miss Novar? Or at least I'm sure you know of it's effects on force users."

Her eyes widened at the thought, remembered what it was like when Cody had to force it upon her. "Please ..." She shook her head frantically. "Don't do this. Please, no more. No more drugs, please ... At the very least, tell me why? For the love of the stars, please!" She screamed as she watched him prepare the syringe. "Please ..." Her growing softer, fear of addiction something she'd yet learned to hide. After all it had only been a day or two since she had left rehab from the last mission with Cody. One that would have ended in her death had spice not been used to prevent her from using the force. "Please .. Please ... nothing that addicts me. I beg of you! Anything else! What do you want from me? You aren't questioning me, and shown no interest in such. What do you want?!" Her voice growing louder, more panicked as alarms went off across monitors. Blood pressure too high, heart rate too high, brain activity too high in the fear sector.

The man stared coldly at her for a moment before seeming to softly as he lightly patted her hand, gathering the IV line embeded in her hand. "You must calm down. The meaning will become clear to you in a few days. That is, if your mind isn't so clouded that it cannot put it all together." He removed the syringe from the vial, and placed it on the tray. "Though, you are a smart girl, even through the drugs I'm sure you'll figure it all out soon enough. It just may take a little longer than it normally would for someone of your gifts."

Turning to an aide he spoke quickly, "Solution 603 A, note the patient's current vitals, take a blood sample and give a printed sheet of her heartbeat, and brain activity. She's starting to get close to using the force, and we don't want that." The assistant, didn't speak a word but quickly focused on what had been asked of him.The aide stepped up, the other tasks done, and pressed a device to her neck. Mirien gasped, surprised at the pain, but as quick as it took her to cry out, it was over, and her eyes shifted to see a small vial of blood being removed from what looked like hypoinjector, but clearly it worked in reverse drawing out blood just as fast as it could inject medication.

"Do try and relax, Miss Novar. It will make it all easier on both of us." He paused and gave a soft smile, one that didn't follow through to his eyes, "And I promise I'll make sure you hurt as little as possible, maybe even reverse the paralysis early if you can behave and not resist. It doesn't need to last the seventy-two hour span, as it will now. You could be walking by the time you are brought to your room and have some freedoms. Datapads to read ... as your stay will be lengthy."

"Not if my people find me first. I'd be more concerned on how short your lifespan is getting just by holding me, cutting me open... do much more, and there won't be but specks left on the wall of what you once were." She growled.

But at the same time hope was failing her, without the force, she wasn't much at all. Just a small petite impatient brunette with an frost queen attitude to those below her in the ranks. It was her job to reign over the Inquisition with an Iron fist, for if any saw weakness in her, they would pounce. Or so she feared. Without the force, she couldn't even come close to Cody in fighting skills, he'd tossed her to the mat a million too many times for her to know that for a fact.

Doubts creeping in, as she felt the burn of something coming through her IV line. All she could do was grimace as the pain spread through her body. Her body trembling as it rapidly raced through her system. It was all she could do to keep from screaming. Then came a pat on her cheek, fingers comfortingly ran through her hair as her head was turned towards him again, drawing her attention. Such actions got her to open her bloodshot eyes, and look upon the man in his seat beside her. "You can scream, no one will judge you for weakness here." She instantly spat at him, hitting him just below the eye.

Without warning he backhanded her across the cheek, hard enough to leave a bright red mark already, likely to bruise. "To think we were just starting to understand one another." He said coldly, much in the way she spoke to an Inquisitor who had displeased her, or stepped one toe out of line."Your punishment will come Rebecca, and it will be unimaginably horrible." Knowing what she'd do to her Inquisitors ... She shuddered to think with just what her stubbornness and small displays of resistance had just bought her.

Something told her it was going to be worse, much worse as his lips twisted into a smirk, "And to make it even better, you will willingly participate in the utmost humiliation of yourself. Soon you'll understand just what these drugs do. Just what they are for. But then, it will be too late my dear. Too late to spare yourself to effects of it, and what you'll be made to do. Right now, things like that burning that is racing through your veins will be worked out, an unwanted side effect." He shook his head sadly, "To think I was about to give you something to cool the burn."

Mirien went to open her mouth to speak but paused ... Just as she came to realize why she was here. "I'm a lab rat.... An experiment. Force blocking drugs, different effects on the user .. You want us all addicted!" Her eyes moved back to him so fast, "You'll be dead by then you bastard!" She snarled, but this time, he didn't move. The burning was killing her, and there was nothing she could do to fight it. Nothing that eased the pain, it was just so much, that she finally cried out in agony.

"Knew you were a smart girl." He whispered, out of hearing distance, for the good doctor had already walked away, then it hit her hard. Her eyes grew wide as she grew dizzy, even with the horrific pain, suddenly everything felt so delightfully good, the pain remained behind, but whatever that drug seemed to stimulate all the things that made her feel good. And her tears slowed to a stop, her mind just floating away, while her body still trembled. No thoughts really crossed her mind, blissfully unaware of nearly everything around her. She tried to think, but to piece even a sentence together was hard. Her body, and mind just seemed to want to relax into the bliss she felt.

The doctor, once he heard her crying cease turned back to look at her. It seemed while her body still felt and responded to the pain the drug caused, her mind was completely somewhere else. He stepped back over to her, opening each eye and shining a bright light into it, and made a few notations on his datapad. Then reached down and unstrapped her hand, and rolled it over exposing her palm.

Taking a needle, he pressed it slowly against her skin, watching her as it pierced the flesh, her hand tensed, flinched, but her face seemed completely unaware, no cry of pain. Her body would react to it, but her mind, her voice, all of that, seemed to be elsewhere. Which was exactly where he wanted her to be. It was a high that with luck would be rapidly addicting. That was if they could soon get rid of the side effect, then even someone like a straight laced woman like Rebecca would crave the relaxation, the exstasy within her mind, the drug almost seemed to be taking her to another place, almost.

Now the trick remove the burning sensation in the veins of the victim, or abuser. Then with no pain sensation, there would be no desire to refuse such a thing. Force users rendered completely useless by their own bodies. He did wonder how she would behave if freed, and not paralyzed, but such experimentation would have to wait. For now, this particular version of the drug, he wanted her completely, hopelessly, and utterly addicted to. Begging for it. Pleading for anything that would get her the drug. That part would take time. For now brain scans seemed to be good, showing so little activity in the parts of the brain that activated during use of the force, even subconscious use. For the better part of two hours, he watched her along with a good half dozen other scientists and specialists.

Then finally he came to her side. "Rebecca? Can you hear me?"

Her eyes moved to meet with his. "Yes .." She whispered, her simple answer a little drawn out, as to be expected from someone who was high as a kite. "Barely.."

"How are you feeling?"

Mirien wanted badly to fight, to not say anything, but everything was so fuzzy, nothing seemed truly real. Struggling she opened and closed her eyes a few times, seeming to actually search for the words to answer him. "Strange." It seemed the only word she could find.

By now he knew all other drugs in her system save for the paralysis drug had worn off. He gently calmly caressed her cheek to comfort her, as he noticed the glistening of a tear. "Are you in pain?" She was quiet for a moment, "Yes." The dazed brunnette managed. "Wha? What's happen ..ing... to...." Her brow furrowed together, as she took a couple breaths. "To ... me?"

The nameless man only smiled. "You're high Rebecca. Judging from your vitals, much higher than when they used spice on the transport here to keep you from touching the force." He wanted her to know he was both her comfort and her agony, her only friend in this place. The only one she could trust. He needed that from her.

She started to cry in earnest as he spoke, as it came to her how powerless she really was. Every time she reached out to the force, trying to find it, her head would throb so painfully, "It hurts .. to try to touch it." Whimpering, powerless, the great and mighty Grand Inquisitor, leader of the Galactic Empire's secret and elite force group, lay helpless, completely at the mercy of the people around her.

"Touch what?" His smirk returned, he knew the answer, but he wanted to hear it from her. To know she was trying, and failing.

"The Force." Her ecstasy seemed now to be fading, as the realization, the vocal recognition that she couldn't do anything against the people who held her. "Please .... let me go." Her head, she slowly managed to shake from side to side, "It works, what more do you need from me?" The fuzziness fading as her words were growing clearer. He motioned for an assistant to grab another dose quickly, before she found any grasp of that mysterious energy field.

Taking the fresh dose from his associate, he grabbed her IV line, and quickly connected the syringe, and started to push the dose in a little more slowly. The way she was positioned, she couldn't see what he was doing but the burning started, and she screamed at it's return. "NO!! PLEASE! No! No!" She panted, the agony so harsh. "NO More! For all the gods, please NO MORE! PLEASE!" She felt so weakened, the pain rapidly growing as she whimpered and cried through the first stage of the drug. "I don't want to hurt like this ... to not feel my lifeline ... I beg you, please stop."

With the dose completely in, he set the syringe aside, and came back to her, just as before he came to comfort her. Brushing her hair back, smoothly running his fingers through it. "What I need, Miss Novar ... is you to just relax. We've kinks to work from this particular drug, and then we'll move to other varieties. If you behave, and as I said before stop fighting me, it will be as painless as I can make it for you." His other hand moved to gently lay an cryopack on her arm to ease some of the searing in her veins.

"You'll be addicted soon enough. Every time we inject you, the dose is a little higher than the one before." Her stomach started to heave, and he was fast to turn the table on it's side, allowing her to vomit into the floor. "I can make the pain stop, give you drugs for the nausea. But first you have to behave. Or give me your word you'll quit fighting me, and I can end some of your misery right now." Even in the most horrible pain, even with how ill she felt, before throwing up once more.

"I want to go home ..." He stroked her hair slowly, keeping it out of the way as she continued to throw up until there was simply nothing left. Her stomach still tried, the pain written across her face, but she said nothing. He glanced to her vitals, everything was holding where it should. "Half dose more." He ordered. A couple of the team members looked at him questioningly. There had been a plan, that they were to stick to. This was a deviation. "Don't ....Surely there is another way! An agreement we can come to!" Mirien still hadn't reached the high the drug would soon give her, the agony still clinging to her. "Please, don't." She managed as the noises echoed through the room of her trying to vomit still. This time she saw the syringe passed to him, and knew it was coming.

He left her on her side, knowing it was possible enough might accumulate in her stomach that she throw up again. Grabbing the IV he made sure to pull it around so she could see it, "You've made this choice Rebecca, forcing me to do this." He connected the syringe and started to push it in, another scream came as her veins felt as though they were on fire. "Stop!" She gasped, hardly able to breathe. "Gods!! Stop!!" Her voice louder, as he pushed more into her veins. "You made the choice. Only you can end it." He reminded her gently despite her screaming.

"I'll do what you want, just make the hurt end!" She finally cried out, and even in her utter agony the defeat rang so clearly through the room, her eyes on the syringe, all but a very tiny amount already in her body, causing so much pain. The high only just barely starting, it seemed to start so slow this time especially with the second dose on top of it.

"Grab me Detroxnie, and Zepharn." Reaching down he had another hand upon hers, just holding it, while his other moved the IV out of sight from her and pushed the last bit in. "They know the doses, relief will come, and then you can relax into the heaven the drug brings you. You're body, won't be stressed with the pain, you'll be able to relax, my dear."

She still panted heavily, hoping that if she had agreed to his terms, that he wouldn't go through with the plans to addict her. Spice had been hard enough to get over, she still had side effects from it, barely away from that one, just coming home from the recovery center when she had been captured.

Once more he moved the IV so she could see it. "Nausea first, then we'll get you comfortable. Then the pain medicine. It will make 603 less stress my dear girl. You'll rather much enjoy it without the agony. I'm sure you'll love it like you once did spice." Her eyes moved to meet his, shocked he knew that fact. Only Cody, the Emperor and one other in IIB knew that fact, "It's why we picked you, how we picked you." Her eyes widened now it all was making sense, the blood draws at the center. She seemed a bit shell-shocked. "This will hurt where it goes in, maybe as far as your forarm, but not beyond, just a sting." He said pushing it in quickly noticing her stomach still trying to heave despite anything there to throw up. "Now, the good stuff."

"Good stuff? You're addicting me to something so much worse!" He already was pushing the pain med it but halted at her outburst. "That's quite enough, Miss Novar. We had an agreement. Are you really going to break it so quickly?" Her nostrils flared in anger, but she gave up and just started to cry. "No... Gods, no .. it hurts. It just hurts terribly.... Only want it to stop..." Whimpered through her tears, hurt so badly in so many ways she couldn't even begin to describe. The betrayal ran deep. And right now it made her want the high, to numb it all. "We're working on it, dear Rebecca. We really are. I take no joy in hurting you, watching you sob or scream. Some of my counterparts on the other hand .... the same cannot be said of. I'm here to help, you have to understand. Sadly for now, trying to help is going to bring a little pain. Keep to the agreement and I'll make sure you hurt far less. Break it, and I've little control over what will happen. What the others will do. Some even picked for this job because they enjoy such measures."

She'd been selected for this purpose, for this reason, because they'd discovered a high midicolorian count being at an addiction center, and had all the right information to find out her haunts, where she'd go to find a hit, and so on. It was all supposed to be safe. All supposed to be looked into by the IIB! And they'd failed her. It was all she could do to contain her anger, and not lash out when she so desperately wanted to.

The high finally hit full on, both doses, plus the pain medication. For a moment her vitals went a bit wild, struggling to adjust to the drugs, but soon everything settled, and she laid there unmoving, staring at the ceiling.... He once more gently stroked her hair, and whispered softly into her ear, "Good girl.... just enjoy it all. relax into it. You're breathing is so nice, and calm ... brain scans show you in pure ecstasy." He kept further reenforcing her behaviors, good supported with comforts, and anything to ease the pains that came with the process. The bad, his associates would step in doing the harm. It was all a matter of building her trust with him, making him out to be her only friend, her only comfort. All so she'd obey, to take the drugs they doled out willingly without the need for cross contamination of other drugs to keep her in check.

"Remove the restraints. She's been through enough. Counteract the paralysis and take her to her room, ankle shackle only. That will give her the most freedom." He spoke to one of the aides, "Dose her on time, exactly every four hours, pain meds and nausua first, always unless she gives you reason not to. Understand my dear?" He said looking down to her on the table, seemingly in a heaven of her own making.

Mirien could barely hear him, just barely... so distant from her. "Yesss ... I'll behavee." A little slurred but still understandable. The dose, she'd adjust to within a few hours at the rate they were giving it to her, a tiny bit more every time. And in a few days, he fully planned to see what would happen when it was taken away. Within moments they had pulled her with great care from the table so as not to disturb the surgical wound and whisked her away to a heavily guarded room, thick transparasteel and a force field as well as a few other key features including what was in her ankle restraint was more than enough to keep even the most powerful master tamed and under complete control as it was meant to be.