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Approved Starship Shimmering Voidhound

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  • Intent: The Personal Ship of Korvo Kyris A.K.A Baphom Prospero, its' his signature and dreaded vessel purchased from surplus stock of historical Imperial-era ships; A subtle nod to his own personal ancestry and time with the First Order's Stormtrooper Corps.
  • Image Source: Imperial Light Cruiser, Fantasy Flight Games
  • Canon Link: Not Applicable
  • Restricted Missions: Not Applicable
  • Primary Source: Imperial Light Cruiser, Jedi Light Cruiser, Arquitens-class light cruiser
Classification: Light Cruiser, Frigate (Anaxes College Standards).
Length: 325 Meters.
Width: 63.8 Meters.
Height: 44.1 Meters.
Armament: Moderate
Defences: Moderate
Hangar: Average
Manoeuvrability Rating: Average
Speed Rating: Average
Hyperdrive Class: Average (1.0)

Minimum Crew: 1
Optimum Crew: 23
Passengers: 44
Internal Cargo Capacity: 228 metric tons
Consumables: 3 Months (At Full Capacity).

  • Powerful main armament: The Shimmering Voidhound features an impressive battery of weaponry aboard for a frigate of its size which is a result of the class' esteemed history of service to several archaic Galactic Governments; Including the Galactic Republic and Galactic Empire. A combination of Turbolaser Cannons and Turbolaser Batteries slaved to a droid brain to assist the Pilot with engaging their target. It's a devastating and accurate complement of weapons to bring down upon a Freighter or Corvette hauling illicit cargo or wanted individuals. The Shimmering Voidhound can stand up against most other Frigates but cannot compete with the level of firepower brought by a conventional cruiser where it is forced to rely on its superior speed and manuervability to avoid danger.
  • Droid Brain and Custom Fire Control Programming: The Shimmering Voidhound's fire control system has been reprogrammed and tailored towards the use of a single-pilot with the assistance of the ship's onboard droid brain; Significantly increasing the ease with which the Pilot can manoeuvre and fire the ship's weapons simultaneously with the end result of this being that all of the hound's weapon systems require zero input from organic crew. The Weapons are programmed to rotate and track onto the pilot's target, who can relinquish and assume the command of the weapons from the droid brain by nominating specific 'fire groups' such as the Turbolaser Batteries, Cannons or laser turrets. The Organic Pilot can additionally assume control of all weapons at once by selecting the final fire group, although this is rare given the limited traverse of the Turbolaser Cannons which are excluded from the second-last fire group. The Droid Brain aboard the Voidhound is capable of assessing and reacting independently of threats but is ultimately subservient to the Pilot whose identity is confirmed prior to ignition via retinal and fingerprint scan.
  • Limited Point-Defence: The Shimmering Voidhound has little in the way of point-defence and as a result is vulnerable to attacks by dedicated fighter-bomber and bomber squadrons which could use the likes of Proton Torpedos to inflict serious damage to the ship's superstructure without needing to worry about receiving extensive damage from the ship's armament. The same cannot be said by anything larger than fighters or bombers, however.
  • Reduced Ventral Firepower: Targets that find themselves faced with the Voidhound's ventral firing arc will receive noticeably less damage or fire from the Light Cruiser's weapons when compared to being position off of the bow or 'top' of the vessel.
Description: The Shimmering Voidhound is a modified "Imperial Light Cruiser" Where the majority of modifications lay with the ship's fire control and weapons systems with the addition of a droid brain to aid its' lone pilot in combat operations, the Shimmering Voidhound has also been upgraded with luxury-civilian level amneties and accomodation facilities. Additionally, the Ship has had a biometric security system added to prevent anybody but the owner from starting the ship's ignition and bringing all of its systems online. The Shimmering Voidhound's preventative maintenance is performed largely by its owner to prevent sabotage. The Ship has two transponder codes; One used by its Pilot while outside First Order territories as "Shimmering Voidhound" registered to "Baphom Prospero" And a second transponder code used within First Imperial/First Order Controlled space as "Hellhound" registered to "Korvo A. Rykis". The Shimmering Voidhound can remain at space for extended periods of time if need be thanks to its healthy cargo capacity and typical crew of one person; Korvo Rykis. The Hound can also land on planets to refuel, resupply, deliver and receive cargo and disembark any passengers or the Captain himself.

Travis Caalgen

Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.
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