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Shiari Workshop

Emberlene's Daughter, The Jedi Generalist
  • Image Source: (Please link to where you found the image, or to the original artist if possible. TinEye or Google Image Search can help.)
  • Canon Link: (Please link the canon link if your Workshop is a canon company.)
  • Primary Source: (Please link and cite the sources which you are modifying for your use in your submission.)
  • Workshop Name: Shiari Workshop
  • Location: (Where is your Workshop? For example, Shug Ninx was based at the Spacebarn on Nar Shaddaa, and Tem Madog was based at Vur Tepe on Tython. A Workshop usually has only a single location. If your location has an approved Codex or Factory submission (such as a starship), link it here.)
  • Specialty: (What is your Workshop’s claim to fame? A Workshop of any tier can have up to two specialties, such as ‘personal weapons and vehicles,’ or ‘personal starships and armour.’)
  • Tier: (How skilled is your Workshop? New Workshops start out at a maximum of Tier II. Tiers increase on a scale of I-VI (1-6), with Tier I being a very small or new Workshop, with little support or influence in the galaxy. Think ‘mom and pop shop’. Tier VI could be a big, big name in the galaxy, or could keep a low profile, known only in certain circles. Even at Tier VI, though, your Workshop would only create Unique and Semi-Unique products.)
(Describe your Workshop in at least one good-sized paragraph. The higher the tier of the Workshop, the more we expect from the description. If we feel like the description isn't adequate for the requested tier, you may be asked to include more detail or lower the tier. Particularly for player-made Workshops, this should detail some of the processes of how the Workshop does business. How does it handle special commissions? Is it loyal to a particular government or faction? Does it craft and sell to anyone, or does it restrict the distribution of its wares by allegiance, wealth, or personal worthiness? It's the little details like this that we're looking for.)


(How did your character come to own and control the Workshop? Did they make it? Inherit it? Hostile takeover? Or does your character play a supporting role in the Workshop, such as apprentice to a master crafter? Please write at least five sentences in this field)

PARENT CORPORATION: (If this Workshop is a subsidiary of a Company of Tier III or higher, please name and link that parent corporation here.)

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