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Shelyn The Unbroken

Shelyn The Unbroken


{"I don't need a weapon. I am one."}


Character Basics​​

Name: Shelyn
Age: 24
Race: Human

Allegiance: None As of Yet.
Rank: None As of Yet.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral.
Sex: Female.
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 123lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Skin: Pale Olive
Force Ability: Yes


Perks, Flaws, and What May be Considered Normal

[+] Perceptive: Being attentive has its benefits. This one being that little evades her. Shelyn pays great attention to the world around her, so she often picks up on well hidden traps, stashes, and even other beings.

[+] Fleet Footed: In and out of fights, many describe Shelyn as unnaturally fast and nimble, it being an important feat for close combat.

[=] Distant: In her own opinion, her problems are hers and others are others, and neither should cross between. Shes not much for a talker, or even really caring, simply put, her outlook is 'suck it up and keep going.'

[-] Addiction: To cope with her own personal issues, Shelyn turned to cigarras and alcohol. One of the best fighters around, though a mess when she's sober.

[-] Weaponry Challenged: As a former pit fighter, she's not quite used to using any sort of weaponry, and from other viewpoint, she should really just stick to fist fighting and daggers.


Standing at a short five feet three inches, Shelyn is a small bundle of well toned muscle and hidden aggression. Her long red hair hangs loose over her shoulders and tucked back not to hinder her vision. The green eyes of the woman are gently, though have a hardened feeling to them, like at one point they seemed to show compassion. Her clothing is usually somewhere between clean working clothing, or simple fighting rags, on rare occasion is she known to dress up for anything.



- Skilled - Adept - Expert
Melee Combat [III III III III]
Athletics [III III III III]
Novice- Skilled - Adept - Expert
Galactic Basic [III III III III]
Novice- Skilled - Adept - Expert



Currently Working Background

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