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Approved Tech Shavara's Shield

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The Alchemist's student

  • Intent: A special defense for Shavara
  • Image Source: (blog-page.html
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Permissions: N/A
  • Primary Source: vuns-kaliek.
  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Average
  • Resistances:
    • Energy: Very high
    • Kinetic: High
    • Lightsabers: High
    • The Force: Average
    • Sonic: Average
    • Electricity: Average
    • Environment: Average
  • Called upon: The shield can be summoned through the force. However it is not easily called, it was designed so that only Shavara could summon it. This allows her to be apparently unarmed and then have the shield in her hands in an instant. It cannot be called accidentally or when nearly unconscious or out of wits, as it requires a certain attention.
  • Alchemized: The shield is designed to be durable to a variety of damage so that Shavara doesn’t have to just rely on her strength in the force or her sword. It is resistant to most forms of damage but more importantly protects her from them, allowing her to block blasters, lightsabers, and physical weapons. It is also hard to manipulate by others using the force, and provides some resistance to it in combat (though less comparatively)
  • Power spread: Although not passively active, a force sensitive user is capable of spreading its range of defense outside of just the rim of the shield. It redirects energy off the curvature of the shield resulting in it functioning as being larger than it is, however this does require the attention and strength from the user, and can damage the ground beneath or those beside them as the energy still has to go somewhere.
  • Can be summoned by Shavara
  • Very high resistance to energy
  • Can have its defense spread beyond the edge (with attention and effort)
  • Resistance to outside manipulation and damage from the force
  • Durable enough to be used in most combat situations.
  • Hard to steal or be used by an enemy.
  • Could be used to hit an enemy, whether thrown or bashed.
  • Unlike sith alchemy this doesn’t have an inherent leaning towards dark or light side.
  • Summoning only works for shavara so she can’t give it to an ally easily.
  • Summoning requires attention and does require some effort and attention
  • The extra defense spread requires power from the force user, otherwise only covers the area of the shield itself. So it may not be advised to constantly be used. It also does not have unlimited range, and will only go about four times it’s own width in each direction.
  • The shield can still be grabbed by a close range target if she can’t stop them, which could cause issues using it, as well as restricting her arms movement.
  • May limit movement as any physical shield may.
  • Cannot be summoned if she can’t use the force.
  • Does not further enhance her power like some sith swords may.
Shavara’s shield was made off a similar design to Sar Vun’s Kaliek, in regards to its ability to be summoned. This allows her to be functionally completely unarmed, and simply need to call upon it through the force so it would teleport to her. The shield itself is highly durable, and designed to be resistant to most forms of damage as well as having some against an opponent's force ability, being harder to manipulate or damage then most due to the origin of its creation. Additionally it offers more protection if the user is both force sensitive and wields it properly, though at the users expense. The shield is her second actual weapon to use, the first being Sar Vun’s Kaliek which helped her to grow used to the ability of calling a weapon to her hands. When first summoned, when dealing with extra energy, and when dealing with the force either from her or another, the shield has a tendency to glow through its exterior design.
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