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Raijin Arashi

Gold and Lightning
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Corporation Name: ShardWorks
  • Headquarters: Teth
  • Locations: Teth
  • Operations: Building small vehicles (mostly starfighters and ground vehicles) made for Shards and others who link to technology in similar ways.
  • Parent Corporation: N/A
  • Subsidiaries: N/A
ShardWorks is, as the name suggests, a company made by and for Shards. Raijin first came up with the idea as a fledgling Sith vying for his own power base, and managed to just barely make it take off back in the era of the One Sith Empire. Since its inception, the assembly lines of the company have primarily been occupied with personal orders from the owner himself, largely funded by the spoils of war he has accumulated over the years. Raijin does his best to see that his factories are safe work environments for the locals he employs, albeit with a skewed view on what constitutes "safe" for normal organics. Although the actual extent and productivity of the company's operations has varied wildly, its owner makes an effort to see at least some of his personal designs see use as other customer's private orders at the very least.

Raijin has started and been forced to shut down ShardWorks many times due to the political climates of certain parts of the galaxy at different times. Following the fall of the One Sith, and then his later involvement or lack thereof with other factions, he has finally settled once again on Teth. As ever, the company is his passion project and what he spends most of his time on when not training apprentices or fighting. Reestablishing the company marks, once again, a new beginning for the man (crystal) himself, his followers, and the people of Teth.

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