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Shaking the Foundation


He stepped forward. Strong, but with enough finesse that he able to penetrate his guard. Kol brought down his lightsaber in a two-handed grip, the stroke breaking the air from right shoulder down to his left thigh. On contact he penetrated his apprentices guard, driving the blade down and into an overextension that would leave an opening for him to capitalize on.


With enough momentum, he leveraged the opening with a powerful kick that dug the sole of his boot into his opponents chest; the wind broke.

"Get serious!" He screamed after the brief break in live combat. "Get up..."

Kol stood in his own towering presence, he stared for a long while; he didn't blink.

He knew Aten was more passive than he was but he wanted him to be much more forceful in battle...and in situations period.

"You have to take control Aten!"

[member="Aten Ramses"]
Breathing heavy Aten attempted to fend off his master’s offensive, on the last run Aten had felt himself slowing and the strength behind his master’s blow had nearly ripped the hilt of the saber from his hand. This time however that is exactly what happened, raising the saber and holding it horizontal Aten tried to deflect the blow. It was a foolhardy move, Aten possessed nowhere near the strength of his more skilled and larger master. He felt his wrists jerk as Kol’s saber met his own and with that, the hilt went falling from Aten’s hands. Eyes wide Aten stretched out a hand reaching out with his own will, using it to channel the force and summon the saber back to his palm. Too late, before the saber could even begin to return to his palm Aten felt a heavy strike to his core. The air was knocked from his lungs, a cough accompanied by spittle flew free. The speed and strength behind the blow was enough to lift Aten off his feet flinging the lighter man away.

Back meeting the ground Aten used his momentum to carry himself into a roll backwards but did not have the strength or ability to roll to his feet due to the previous blow. Instead, he simply finished the roll on his knees one hand clutching at his chest. Sweat poured freely down the young Padawan’s head, his breathing haggard as he tried to suck in the air he had lost. Gulping in air once again Aten felt another pang in his chest that brought a fit of coughs. His blonde hair was matted from the sweat and his lavender eyes looked up to Kol. “Is it not our duty to give our foes a chance to surrender? To not cause unnecessary harm?” Aten asked. Rising to his feet as commanded Aten stretched out his palm and from the ground, near Kol’s feet the saber shook before flying to meet its owner's palm. Thumb pressing on the red button placed upon the hilt Aten stared at Kol as the blue blade of plasma escaped the hilt casting the ground around Kol in an azure glow.

“Is it not the way of the dark to seek control?!” Aten shouted over the sound of wind whistling in his ears. Both hands placed upon the hilt, left leg moving forward, and right sliding back a bit Aten raised the saber right arm at a ninety-degree angle while his other arm was slightly higher the tip of the saber pointing to the ground in a Hanging guard.

[member="Kol Varad"]