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Approved Tech Shadowtreader's Testament

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Out Of Character Information
  • Intent: To sub a unique weapon for Osthryd so that he may be complete
  • Image Source: Here
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Moi
Production Information
  • Manufacturer: Osthryd
  • Model: Shadowtreader's Testament
  • Affiliation: Osthryd, The Shadowtreader
  • Modularity: None
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Alchemized Durasteel
Technical Specifications
  • Classification: Greatsword
  • Size: Two-Handed (Wielded with one hand)
  • Length: 120cm Blade, 140cm Overall
  • Weight: 2.8kg
Special Features
  • Force Imbued
  • Darkside Aura
  • Lightsaber Resistant
  • Deflects Blasters
  • Absorbs Lightning
  • Sharp Edge
Detailed Special Features

Darkside Aura - The Blade has an unnatural darkside aura, modeled after Osthryd's broken blade left on his home planet during his fight with the Sith. This replacement is a mockery of his loss against their forces, radiating an intoxicating urge to embrace darker thoughts and emotions.

Force Imbued - Upon its creation, the blade was imbued with the Force to grant it an extra sense of durability and overall reliability for its wielder.

  • Sith Sword: Has the normal abilities of a Sith sword
  • Extreme Resistance: The blade cannot be destroyed by normal methods, unless exposed to extreme heat or prolonged exposure to a lightsaber.
  • Presence: Due to the sword's corrupted properties, those endowed with the Force can feel a sorrowful, deep-seeded anger when it's near. This enables Osthryd an edge over the weak-willed or novice Force Users.
  • Lightside: Enough lightside focused into the blade will ruin the alchemic bond, making the sword vulnerable to breakage.
  • Weight: Overall heavy weapon.
  • Shattered Soul: Due to Osthryd's reconstruction into a Sithspawn, his spirit was manipulated split, partially being stored within his blade. Should the blade be destroyed, Osthryd will be significantly weak within the Force, and unable to defend himself - his knowledge on weapons is literally restricted to his sword.
  • Versatility: While deadly and with a magnificent edge, the weapon itself does not compare to the complexity of a lightsaber or its forms. Adept users of lightsaber combat will present a difficult challenge for Osthryd's prowess.
  • Force Light: This ability can outright render the blade useless as well as obliterate it.

Forged out of both mockery and respect, Shadowtreader's Testament bears an uncanny resemblance to Osthryd's original blade which was broken during his time of combat against the Sith. Seeing his skill with a blade intrigued his foes, so much so to the point where they would abduct the defeated warrior and force him into their ranks as a weaponized servant.

Etched into the blade itself is the original oath Osthryd took as a knight for his realm, a twisted parallel to what he once was and what he can no longer be. The promise of using his blade to protect, now broken and reforged into a tool of cruelty and shame.

A weapon called upon by justice no longer.

Very Nice sub I really like it.

First off it has a lot of strengths, even if doesn't list them all.

I feel like you've covered your bases well but you need to leave a hole, make it resistant to something. Even it's Weakness Presence is more strength then weakness.
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