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Shadow Port Idea

Vale Lok Vetuuk

Rather than going through with attempting to create and run another faction. I've been toying with a different idea for this character. The idea is inspired by a show I watched the other night. Mainly the Shadow Port would serve as a middle man as it were. It would cater for specific groups, mainly Pirates and Smugglers.

The thinking is, that a pirate would bring his captured cargo to the Shadow Port. At this port they would be able to purchase repairs, fuel, supplies; and in return they could sell their ill gained goods. It would run like a mini trade economy. Where the pirates and criminals could come to offload their items, get paid; then said items would later be sold in legal markets by agents of the Shadow Port.

As for how it is run. Say a Pirate brings in a crate of goods (say weapons, fabrics, etc etc) and the crate is worth 500 credits. The Pirate would be paid a portion of that price; say for the sake of this example 250 credits. Then the Shadow Port would take those goods and sell them at the full price. This way the pirate and criminals would get paid without the risk of trying to get a better price with the possibility of capture or double crossing.

My main question is; and I am not going to be attempting to have this as a faction; Would anyone be interested in seeing something of the like? I'm planning on having it located in the space of the former Sith Empire.

One question I foresee is possibly; "What makes this different than the South System Syndicate Bazaar?"

The two main answers are this.

1. It is located in the Former holdings of the Sith Empire. An area of turmoil with the Republic, Mandalorians and Fel Imperium all pushing and grabbing for what is left. This leaves it open as a prime area for criminal activity in the duration of the chaos.

2. This is a collection of companies and the like selling their goods. This is purely a 'middle-man' operation. Any goods brought in are brought in by the pirates or criminals that have acquired them. Rather than them being on a purchase list.

I plan on doing a write up for it if there is enough interest in the possibility. Likewise it wouldn't just deal in credits. The Shadow Port would offer payment or exchange for currencies that are preferred by the seller. So if a pirate wanted peggats or crystalline vertices rather than credits; that's what they'd get paid in.