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Approved Tech Seydakin

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Intent: Just create a parrying and multi-purpose knife, and complete a small weapons set.
Development Thread: A Sum of Lies
Manufacturer: Custom
Model: N/A
Affiliation: Personal
Modularity: No
Production: Unique
Material: Naboo Hornwood, T669Z-0001 Grade Durasteel – Alchemically Treated
Description: The companion to the Huntsman, a close-quarters sheath knife having once belonged to Guenyvhar Gunn. Its inheritance was a baptismal through blood and ice, as she and her long-estranged kin, Seroth Ur-Rahn, brawled to death on a high Contruum peak. It’s fairly unadorned save for a somewhat fearsome visage. However, despite an additional resistance, it lacks pure cutting ability in the same vein as HF blades, plasma swords, and other weaponry utilizing technology beyond forge-work.
-From Jaxton Ravos:
“Typical of Seroth Ur-Rahn this knife is very practical, sharp, powerful, multi-purpose, an almost assuredly bigger than the knife of any other man.”

Classification: Sheath Knife
Size: One Handed
Length: 30 cm
Weight: 225g
Other Features: Resistance to plasma-based weaponry. High-grade durasteel forging. No frills but all chills.
Not open for further replies.