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Seventh Fleet


  • Fleet Name: 7th Fleet - Battlegroup Elidibus
  • Classification: Multirole Fleet; Superiority, Assault, Bombard, and Support.
  • Affiliation: The Sith Empire
  • Fleet Symbol: A shield featuring a star destroyer, the number seven and a pair of wings behind the star destroyer. The field of the shield is plain, in a maroon-red coloration symbolizing patience in battle. Black outline, a reminder of those who have passed and whose lives were given so that we might live. Wings to symbolize that the fleet is always on guard, ready to defend the empire. Three stars atop to symbolize the joint command of the military and the primary role of Seventh Fleet. The stars were painted white to represent peace or at least the hope for peace. The fleet was officially established in 855 ABY.
  • Description: A numbered fleet, it is part of the Sith-Imperial Armada and is one of the larger operating naval forces within the Empire. The responsibilities of the fleet are to provide joint command in colonial expeditions, military operations and/or emergency response operations. Secondary roles may include scientific studies, analysis or data/information gathering, along with medical and logistical support.
  • Headquarters: Bnar VII
  • Ports of Call: Ord Thoden, Bastion, Dubrillion, Lorrd, Ord Radama, Ziost, Galidraan, Dromund Kalakar, Voss, Bonadan
  • Goals:
    • In-Combat: When on the attack the goal is to secure victory for the Sith Empire. Whether this is done through bombardment, assault, or support depends on the role the Seventh Fleet takes. On the defense, it is to keep enemy forces away from Sith-Imperial territory. This is usually done through its superiority forces, rolling out the heavier ships to engage enemy vessels. The seventh fleet will go into battle with as much of its forces as possible. It is seldom if not a rare occurrence for the fleet to fight with the entirety of its forces.
    • Out-of-Combat: The Seventh Fleet works toward creating infrastructure, supporting colonization efforts and aiding the Sith Empire’s scientific research and data analysis. Often the fleet will be split up into task forces to cover multiple sectors of space. Partnering with other departments and groups of the Sith Empire to accomplish these goals.
  • Reputation: Depending on the size and strength of her forces, rival commanders will certainly feel that they have the upper hand against Lord Admiral Raaf. While some fleet commanders work on sheer numbers and swarm tactics. The Lord Admiral does her best to use more balanced tactics. A formidable opponent and not one to be taken likely. The Sith Empire views the Lord Admiral and her Seventh Fleet as one of its big guns.
  • Fleet Size: Large
  • Lead Ship:
  • Composition:
    • Task Force 71
      • Task Group 71.1
      • Task Group 71.2
      • Task Group 71.3
      • Task Group 71.4
      • Task Group 71.5
      • Task Group 71.6
      • Task Group 71.7
      • Task Group 71.8
    • Task Force 72
      • Task Group 72.1
      • Task Group 72.2
      • Task Group 72.3
      • Task Group 72.4
    • Task Force 73
      • Task Group 73.1
      • Task Group 73.2
    • Task Force 74
      • Task Group 74.1
    • Task Force 75
      • Task Group 75.1
      • Task Group 75.2
    • Task Force 77
      • Task Group 77.1
      • Task Group 77.2
    • Task Force 78
      • Task Group 78.1
      • Task Group 78.2
      • Task Group 78.3
    • Task Force 79
      • Task Group 79.1

  • Darth Arcanix, Lady of Secrets [PC] (Human, Female)
  • Lord Admiral Fiolette Raaf [PC] (Human, Female)
  • Vice Admiral Imara Sentongo [NPC] (Human, Female)
  • Vice Admiral Oraesho [NPC] (Chiss, Male)
  • Air Marshal Ishana Pavanos [PC] (Human, Female)
  • Commodore Atiar [NPC] (Chiss, Male)
  • Commodore [SIZE=11pt]Soliana Inaleth [NPC] (Echani, Female)[/SIZE]
  • Lord Captain Aermoira Cyone [NPC] (Human, Female)
  • Lord Captain Zerrel Maptu [NPC] (Korrunai, Male)
  • Commander Callum Bouchard [NPC] (Human, Male)
  • Commander Liam Grundon [NPC] (Human, Male)
  • Commander Anauru [NPC] (Chiss, Female)
  • Commander Mychaell Goodere [NPC] (Human, Male)
  • Commander Ruzeo Vogdo [NPC] (Korrunai, Female)
  • Commander Emej’bona [NPC] (Twi'lek, Female)
  • Morgause [NPC] (Artifical Intelligence, Female)


Seventh Fleet had been one of the later formations of the Sith Armada with the flagship reserved for a member of the Dark Council. At the time it was an unknown as to who the flagship had been reserved for as the Empire had been preoccupied with the downfall of the Galactic Alliance. When the dust had settled and the Alliance had fallen, it was revealed that this Dark Council member was in fact, Taeli Raaf. Taeli Raaf had been the chief architect of the Galactic Alliance's collapse, her reward among the many awards she was bestowed was a flagship that would measure 10,000m in length. Aided by her then lover Fiolette Yvarro the two designed the flagship Elidibus and it was during this process that Taeli approached Fiolette to command the Elidibus and its fleet.
Fiolette who had only recently left military service declined. Taeli was persistent and refused to give the matter up and so when she saw an opportunity to ask, she would. Eventually, the Sith would get her way and Fiolette would accept the offer to command the flagship. Part of this process saw Fiolette swear fealty not just to the Sith Empire and its Emperor, but to Taeli Raaf as well. Given the rank of Rear Admiral, Fiolette served as part of War Fleet Black Iron's command until the seventh fleet's formation and construction had been completed. Serving alongside the admirals of the War Fleet gave the Rear Admiral insight into Sith-Imperial tactics.
Tactics and lessons learned from the War Fleet were brought over to the seventh fleet; however, they were not the only things that were brought over. Seventh fleet's composition would be built from a combined force of the Sith-Imperial Armada, Aurora Industries and Primo Victorian Shipwright designs. Many of the latter were hallmarks of the First Order Navy, and a lot of them had been scrapped when Fiolette departed the First Order. As such the seventh fleet stands out among the other fleets of the Armada both in aesthetics and formation. The fleet while officially established in 855 ABY it did not see action until the Battle of Csilla in early 856 ABY. While the fleet is still a relative newcomer to the Armada it has proven formidable in battle, and an asset to the Sith Empire's goals at large.
By late 859 ABY Seventh Fleet had been recalled from expeditionary duties so that ships could be repaired, refitted and if necessary scuttled and parts recycled/reused. While home the fleet would be reorganized completely to incorporate new mission duties as tasked by the Supreme Admiral Omarest Croscal. Operations within the fleet would also be restructured to benefit the new missions going forward which included increasing the overall size of the fleet itself.
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