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Setting Sun


Dusk on New Plympto typically marked the end of the work day in the Wookiee's factory and shipyards. The moment the sun was halfway down on the horizon the native workers who commuted from Phemiss began filing out to the transports that took them back to their homes as the ones who lived in the company's internal domiciles made their way to the surface. Errreembuhr knew to expect this, and had set his drone workers to preparing meals after their nightly rituals.

The sound of their braying was thankfully dampened by the walls of his office in the facility, something he hoped that would be finished by the time his guest arrived. The shades were drawn, leaving the only light in the office that of the holoprojector in the center of the room, the schematics for the latest item to roll off their lines displayed prominently alongside a few others.

A mechanical whooshing sound drew his attention away to the doors as they split open, light from the outer hall flooding in as Agil steps in.

"I apologize for interrupting, Sir, but you asked me to inform you when Pad 3 had been cleared."

"Right, thank you," the Wookiee replied in his native tongue as he shut off the projector and raised the shades, the dim light of dusk slipping through the glass. "When they arrive in orbit come and inform me, I'll meet them down on the pad."

"As you command, Sir."

Before Agil left, Errreembuhr added, "And send in Talus. I'll need to speak with him."

The droid bowed as it exited, returning a few minutes later with a WS droid at its side. Agil bowed again, then turned to leave once more.

Talus took a few steps forward, stopping and standing at attention. "I assume you have called me in to ask me to behave in front of our Mandalorian guest, Sir."

"Exactly," Errreembuhr replied, recalling their experience on Onderon. While they hadn't directly fought with Clan Raxis, one of their members had been the one to lead the uprising. An uprising which cost EODD millions of credits-worth of droids, dropships, and supplies they'd taken to the planet. It was something Talus still held resentment towards, or at least as close as a droid could get to resentment.

But in business those feelings needed to be restrained if money was to be made. And there was lots of money to be made when it came to the Mandalorians.

"Will you be able to, or must I reassign you to a patrol to keep you busy?"

"My programming prevents me from disobeying a direct order."

"This is a direct order, Talus."

"Then it will be, Sir."

Errreembuhr nodded. "Good. That's all. You'll be posted at the entrance to my office for the day."

With a nod, Talus departed from the office. The Wookiee turned away from the closing door, staring out through the window at the view over his shipyards down in the canyon below. It was only a matter of time now."

[member="Kei Raxis"]

Kei Raxis

The Dead One
853 ABY
Kei looked out upon the planet.

His shuttle was ready to carry him down to the planet. His two newest toys from [member="Rex Taff"] had arrived and were waiting for him on the shuttle, the protocol droid and the astromech droid. Kei had ordered them specifically, they would be useful in the future. Both of them had skills that would be useful in the future and in future plans. The droids would have future place with Kei, they would offset his weaknesses well in the future.

Kei looked down slightly. He was meeting a wookie, a friend of Ra'a'mah. He had requested funding for his newer company and Ra'a'mah had asked Kei nicely. Kei had the funds to invest in a company easy enough, he had invested into his own and very much took over. He didn't mind investing, it was no skin of his nose. Plus, they could use the products the company produced to help themselves and build their own army.

Kei walked towards the shuttle.

He trusted Ra'a'mah's judgement just enough to trust the wookie. If the wookie could provide them the tools they needed, Kei would pass over all of the money that he could. They needed the force to begin to press, The Dark Hand as it was being dubbed. They needed everything ready for their march, everything ready to fight. If the wookie could provide, Kei would provide the funds in return. He was nice like that.

He stepped onto the shuttle.

He felt the shuttle leave the ship. He was used to this. He adjusted the holoprojector belt he was wearing, making his suit appear perfectly crisp and real. He figured the Sith armour would scare the wookie and set these negotiations back just a little. The suit would appear more professional and be less likely to scare the wookie away which would assist the negotiations plenty.

The shuttle began to head towards the landing pad, Kei ready to negotiate.


The word of his guest's arrival in orbit came quickly, and Errreembuhr departed for the pad, flanked by Talus and three others. The walk took them along a walkway overlooking the entrance area, down a set of stairs past a defensive turbolaser turret, and finally to the platform. He could see the shuttle coming in from a distance as his crew droids made some last second preparations for the landing. Sounds from below as drones and other droids kept to their work in the shipyards were almost drowned out as the shuttle approached before finally landing, the Wookiee standing in wait, a datapad in hand.

[member="Kei Raxis"]