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Character Sete Conatus


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AGE: 19

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 5'11"

WEIGHT: 150 lbs.

EYES: Green

HAIR: Brown

SKIN: White


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
  • Unbreakable Optimism - Sete's optimism has pulled him out of his desolate scrapper childhood and saved him in many sticky situations. A true believer, his optimism can be occasionally infectious and inspiring.
  • Good Natured - Sete always intends to do the right thing and would never willingly follow someone with malicious ideals.
  • Fairly Adept with Tech - Knows the basics of repair and maintenance, but also loves to invent new things that either have little to no practical function or are third rate copies of existing tech.
  • Unbreakable Optimism - A double edged sword. This optimism has lost Sete many a bet and is many times the reason he finds himself in sticky situations. Sometimes, others find this optimism ignorant and obnoxious.
  • Denial - Despite having absolutely no force potential, Sete believes the day that his force power awakens is coming. Absolutely refuses to listen to fact or reason that suggests his dream to become a Jedi Master is impossible.

Sete is a fairly fit young man with short hair that he is trying to grow longer. He has tried to sew his own Jedi tunic and cloak, but they look more like a basic shirt and jacket made out of common materials. He wears a single glove on his left hand, convinced by the merchant who sold it to him that it was once worn by a great Jedi Knight. Whether or not this is true, no one knows for sure, but probably not. The pinky finger of the glove always flaps around in the wind because Sete lost that finger in an accident.

Sete was once a child slave, employed by his master to be a scrapper. The boy's only friend was a GNK Droid that had been running since the Clone Wars, endearingly named Unk by Sete. While Sete believes they are best friends, he doesn't any Gonkian, or even Droid, so it's not entirely known if Unk shares the sentiment. Sete loved traveling with other scrappers, as they knew and told him many stories of the all-powerful Jedi. After he lost his pinky finger on the job, Sete discovered that the chip keeping him enslaved was implanted in that finger. Believing that this was the force telling him that he was meant to be more, he escaped with Unk on a barely functional A-Wing, and the two have built and sold what they could to survive in the universe.

While having built many useless contraptions, Sete was able to build a functioning lightsaber-clone - instead of being powered by a kyber crystal, the blade is instead the result of a bright red repeating particle beam current. A retractable frame and receiver give the beam form and keep it functional. Drawbacks of the sword include that it cannot reflect blaster shots, only absorb, it is not as powerful as a real lightsaber, and needs to be charged often. Thankfully, Unk has the power to charge the sword.

Of course, Sete has no formal weapons training, so his saber work is in need of improvement and refining. However, he isn't completely untrained - having seen a certain traditional dance performed by another race, one that was flowing yet wild, Sete mistook it for a martial art and adapted it into his fighting style after further study. The style he created resembles an raw, untempered, and grounded version of the Ataru style of lightsaber technique. (It kinda looks like amateur breakdancing)

Sete flies an old A-Wing that is now mostly built from spare parts after many repairs.

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