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Approved Tech Servus Delta

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Luther Lewis

Ex-Solider | Ex-Spy | Doctor

  • Manufacturer: Avery Designs.
  • Affiliation: Varek Vao.
  • Model: Servus Delta.
  • Production: Unique.
  • Modularity: Exterior metal plates can be removed to access machinery underneath and swapped out for protective/aesthetic reasons.
  • Material: Durasteel, Ferrocarbon, Duravlex.
  • Classification: Class Three.
  • Weight: 123 kg.
  • Height: 190 cm.
  • Movement: Bipedal movement.
  • Armaments: None
  • Misc. Equipment: Scanners (body) - Infra-red, Thermal, Photometric. Vocabulator (head).
360O Sight – Grouped trios of Infra-red, thermal and photometric scanners are located on the back and front of the body, allowing the unit to scan accurately up to a 25 meter radius and with limited detection up to a 50 metre radius.
High Data Storage and RAM – Incorporation of human personality emulator requires a large amount of storage space but solves memory storage issue often found in droids. Memory wipes are inadvisable, as it is likely to damage droid subroutines.

  • Resistant Armouring – Use of alloys such as Ferrocarbon and Duravlex give the unit a high resistance to flame, corrosion and physical force. Once plates are damaged they can be removed to facilitate easy repair.
  • Exceptional Awareness – Paired groups of sensors (for a total of six) around the body allow for monitoring of nearby objects and movement. Photometric, thermal and infra-red allow accurate classification of said objects.
  • Fast reflexes – Gyroscopic movement in neck and joints facilitates quick movements in response to stimuli, i.e. fast reflexes.
  • Short-sighted – Droid’s “field of vision” only works accurately up to 25 metres, loses clarity at 25-50 metres and loses awareness over 50 metres.
  • Cognitive disconnection – Droid is designed to house a very specific personality and relies on this design for function. ‘Routine’ maintenance such as memory wipes or attaching restraining bolts may result in irreversible damage or shutdown.
  • Overheating – Strain of the Droid’s CPU, often caused by stress, resulting in overheating of the Auxiliary core (located in the head). This manifests as smoke emanating from behind the faceplate. If the core does meltdown, droid awareness is compromised until core is repaired/replaced.

The Servus Delta was commissioned by Galactic Alliance and produced by Avery Designs. The project was created and funded by the SIS and was an experiment in copying human consciousness into droid. The basis of the project was to create a soldier that was capable of simulated independent thought and improvisation while following strict programming.

The candidate for the project was Varek Moore, a decorated pilot within the Galactic Alliance. The man agreed to have his brain scanned in return for credits and the promise of promotion should the project succeed.

Varek Moore died, in a fighter explosion, during a border skirmish between The Galactic Alliance and The First Order, three weeks after the scan.

Multiple versions of Servus were created. The Alpha and Beta designs were scrapped due to issues with storage space. The size of the scan could not fit into the droid and allow room to basic processes. The Gamma design solved this problem but again was scrapped as it was deemed too fragile.

The Servus Delta was the best model to date but suffered from overheating issues. The issue was overlooked as pressure was put on the SIS to finish the project. Important calibration stages were skipped, and the droid was activated for the first time.

The droid seemed to identify itself as Varek Moore and expressed confusion and dismay at its droid body. This was due to an oversight on Avery Design’s part; an engineer had programmed the scan directly rather than adapting a new personality from the base.

The SIS, under pressure from Alliance command, decided to pull the project and declared it a failure. The Alliance asked Avery Designs to destroy the droid but the founder, Zai Avery, ignored the command and finished model in secret.
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