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Approved Tech Series II Military Aid Kit

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The Spacepiress of Chaos

Intent: An upgraded version of the previous SSI Military Aid Kit

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  • Series II Military Aid Kit
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Armorweave Backpack
Sphygmomanometer - Used to measure blood pressure
Field Dressings (15)
Cravats (15)
Tourniquets (5)
1000cc NaCl (3) - Salt Tablets
4x4 Gauze (30)
2x2 Gauze (30)
Bandages (20)
Gauze Rolls (10)
Chest Seal (3)
Jejunostomy Feeding Tube - "J-Tube" (6)
IV Starter Kits (6)
14g Needle (8)
Scaple 10 Blade (2)
Scaple 12 Blade (2)
Latex Gloves (20 pair)
Pen Light (2)
Chemlights (4)
4" Tape Roll (2)
2" Tape Roll (2)
Scissors (2)
Restricting Band (2)
Surgical Lubricant Tubes (8)
Bacta Canister (2)
Antishock (3 Ampules)
Nyex (1/2 Bottle)
Bactade (3 Bottles)
Doze Tablet (1/2 Bottle)
Stimpak (8)
Battlestimulant (4)
Pocket Surgical Mask (3)
Medical Quick Reference Books
Non-Humanoid Species Medical Quick Reference Books

Medical Quick Reference Books - Whereas the previous Aid Kits were lacking in terms of medical books to assist in treating non-humanoid species; the Series II answers this problem by including the most recent and up to date first aid guides to assist in treating wounds.

Quantity - Though not on par with a fully stocked medical facility or even a simple aid station on the front lines; the Series II Aid Kits contain a myriad of medical equipment, medicines and gear to aid combat medics in treating as many patients as possible.

Armorweave Pack - An upgrade over the older Durasteel packs; the Armorweave packs have proven capable of withstanding greater damage and capability of protecting their fragile and vital components within. In a pinch, the bag can even be utilized to protect the medic or wounded soldier due to the armorweave's capability of dissipating blaster fire.

Non-Specialty - The Series II Aid Kits lack any kind of specialized equipment or medicines to treat more advanced cases of maladies when compared to the capabilities of aid stations or field hospitals. The Aid Kits are to stabilize a patient for transport to a facility where they can receive the proper extensive care needed.

Heavy - A sizeable difference, the Series II Aid Kits are heavier and bulkier than their predecessor due to the added equipment and supplies.

Reference Books - They are just that, for reference use only to assist in providing effective first aid. They are not sufficient enough to ensure prolonged care, extensive treatment, or specialized treatments needed by other species.

A marked improvement over its predecessor; however, the Series II Aid Kits still have their shortcomings - such as their lack of specialized equipment or medicines, or any such means to provide continued care for more intensive injuries or maladies. Likewise, these packs are bulkier and heavier than their predecessors due to the increased amount of supplies and equipment added - additions which include a larger quantity of medical bandages, an additional bacta canister, and a quick reference book for non-humanoid species. Even still, the Series II kits are not intended to provide prolonged treatment, rather, they are intended to aid in stabilizing an individual for evacuation to the nearest aid station or field hospital.

Where the Series II kits shine though are in their capability of treating a multitude of individuals. With an increased quantity of supplies and medical equipment, a combat medic or doctor with access to the kit can aid far more individuals than capable with the previous kit. Along with an odd quirk of the Armorweave material - that being its capability to dissipate blaster fire - some combat medics and medical personnel have utilized the pack as a means to protect themselves or their patient when in a tight spot.

All in all, the Series II is a marked improvement over its predecessor Aid Kits, even when one takes into consideration the increased weight and continued lack of specialized equipment.
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