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Approved Tech Sentinel Robes

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NOTE: I have talked to Tyrn about this and he approved it Via PM.
Intent: A set of robes that were made for Morna as he helped in the Invasion of the Sith. Reward for helping them.
Development Thread: Sith Invasion thread (deleted)
Manufacturer: A team of contracted Sith Alchemists
Model: Sentinel Robes
Affiliation: Morna Imura
Modularity: no.
Production: Unique
Material: Armor-weave for cloth, Alchemical Phrik (chest plate pieces, shoulders, gauntlets, greaves, and inside plates for boots), and Leather.
As Morna was one of the few LotF members to help with the Invasion of Metalorn, His reward is a set of robes.

The uniform comes with slacks, a crimson hood, and sleeveless robes that are made of armor weave to protect the wearer from some blaster shots and slugthrowers. The armor weave has some resistance to lightsabers, however it can only block once before it is cut through. The robes are fashioned after a Sith stalker armor for the breastplate, made of alchemical Phrik, as it is light and allows full movement to the wearer. The shoulder and upper chest plate piece covers some of the back down to the wearers shoulder blades. The chestplate is segmented to allow movement in the shoulders and upper chest. Gauntlets and boots also are made of Alchemical Phrik.

The armor also comes with a mask that is made of Phrik. This can be taken off when wanted. It comes with a small HUD display that can tell time, mapping system (map has to be downloaded beforehand), and a Communications link. The uniform comes with two belts made of leather that can hold all the weapons that Morna currently has including, more ammo, two more lightsabers, and 4 grenades. The boots are made of leather on the outside, and consist of platting on the inside segmented to allow maximum movement in the toes and feet. (Segmented at the ankle and at the top of the foot just before the toes. [think upgraded steel-toed boots])
Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: 3Kgs.
Quality: Class 5, light armor.
Other Feature(s): The armor is flame resistant as request of Morna.
@[member="Morna Imura"]

Reward or no, I feel this is trying to do too much.

The mask I can deal with, though the HUD should be simplified down to just range, commlink and sight enhancement. Likewise, I think Force damping is a bit too much for robes. I can deal with the fire resistance, that's fine.

I think quality 7 is a little too high. I'm thinking 5 is better as the armour is only good for one attack in a certain place.

I would like a development thread detailing it being made and fitted for him. I accept it's a reward, but for something special like this I'd like to see them be given to Morna and then tested by him. A short (10-20) post thread will be fine.

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