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Seniai Valzino (Old God in Sith)


Images: Yog-Sothoth by manzanedo
Name: Seniai Valzino (Old God in Sith)
Designation: Semi sentient
Homeworld: None
Language: None
Average Lifespan: 50
Estimated Population: Unique
Average height of adults: 2,20 m
Average length of adults: N/A
Skin color: Grey
Hair color: None
Distinctions: Semi physical form composed out of energy, oftenFour long, claw like fingers on each hand.

Breathes: Vacuumbreathers


-Starweird: Seniai Valzino is a creature made out of a Starweird by the art of sith alchemy. As such it holds many of the traits that a normal starweird would. These include the power to levitate, force telepathy and general use of the force (Drain Energy, Force Grip, Sight and Lightning) even without the need for Darth Abyss to channel his power through it.

-Familiar: The creature was linked to Darth Abyss, making it a familiar to the sith lord. Because of this the sith lord is able to execute his powers through it, as long as he close enough to it.

-Mindeater: The combination of the natural ability of Starweirds for telepathy through the force and the link to Darth Abyss, the Mindeater, the creature is able to drain the minds of others, steal and corrupt their knowledge and lead them into insanity.

-Incorporeal: Starweird are already Incorporeal in nature, but Abyss alteration of the creature took it a step further. Bound to the sith lord, he is able to summon and dissolve it out of his dark side energy. To do this he has to temporarily sacrifice a part of his power until the creature is dissolved again, as that power is what it uses to act and exist.


-Fragile: As a sith familiar the creature is rather fragile in nature, and can only take very little damage before being destroyed.

-Hard to Control: The wild darkness of the starweird is not fully faded from the creature. To keep it from going on a wild rampage a lot of focus is required. Forcing the creature to dissolve again takes up a lot focus as well.

-Force Light: Born out of nothing but the dark side, the creature is easily destroyed when hit by the art of force light.

-Limited power: As any familiar the creature breaks if Abyss channels to much power through it.

Races: None

Diet: None
Communication: Telepathy
Culture: None
Technology level: None
General behavior: [Describe general behaviors]


Notable Player-Characters: [List player-characters]

Intent: [Describe the plan for this species. NOTE: This section alone can have your species dismissed. Species created on a whim or for purposes to undermine the integrity of Star Wars will not be approved.]
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