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Self Taught Alchemy.. (Solo Training)

Tarika Sadow*

Shadow Fleet Commander | Rule Breaker
The Commander of the Shadow Fleet emerged into the quiet work den of a living building among the Vong made Horde and made for an unnatural work place, the living building that was shaped by the Yuuzhan Vong was marvelous and as she walked into her private lab she smirked as she looked at the several tools she would be using along wth research to learn a new art for her.

She was trained to harness fire, and was a well known sorceress but as it was she needed to learn more about her own destiny.. her own ancestor, Naga Sadow, was an alchemist by trade and so she had the blood to be one. As she walked over to her lab equipment she smirked and placed down her own weapons and remained focused on teaching herself the hidden art of alchemy to make her duties in the horde more beneficial not only for herself, but also for the faction in a whole.

As she inspects her own equipment she makes sure it is clean and all there, being the kind to make sure she is properly equipped and clean she would hate to find out something is either missing or unwashed before she starts.

(This is the start of it all, I will continue this when I have the proper pet to experiment on.)