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Twi'lek Slaver
[SIZE=10pt]NAME:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Seir'ari, "Sarri"
RANK: Slaver / "Crime Lord"
SPECIES: Twi'lek
AGE: 47
[SIZE=10pt]SEX:[/SIZE][SIZE=10pt] Male
EYES: Blue
SKIN: Blue-green gradient with glowing tattooed eyebrows and lekkus.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
[SIZE=10pt]Sarri was once a high-priced Twi'lek slave, praised for his charismatic abilities and willingness to please which. After he was cast out, resulting in the latter characteristic being tossed aside entirely and replaced with selfishness and dismissal. He's smart, he's calculating, and he enjoy the power rush of withholding information. His racial ability to sense and understand subtle communication makes him quick to pick up on liars and the small movements of a pickpocket or would-be attacker. While he isn't likely to engage in battle himself, he has sufficient means to not only hire mercenaries but to train his more loyal slaves to serve as his protection. His 'interrogation' and slave training tactics are seen as especially cruel due to his sensable awareness his target's physical pain threshold.[/SIZE]

His awareness comes at a significant cost, as an absolute lack of readable gestures and emotions will cause him to become distrustful despite an ally's pure intentions. With his prior experiences as a slave he's hostile towards the notion of being manipulated and displays a startlingly poor temper that affects his judgment. He also displays pride in his race's attributes and when he feels that he can get away with it, his lekku can give away his uncensored feelings about a given individual of interest. Another large issue with him is that he doesn't understand relationships beyond aggressively dominant or weakly submissive roles, and so fully believing in his allies and 'friends' is a daily struggle.

A broad-chested and toned Twi'lek from living a life far rougher than most of his kind, he's adapted well since the damage caused to his face and makes use of wearing an armored carapace eye patch over the afflicted area. Because he's commonly either found as a bartender of his own establishment or a corrupted slaver of his own kind, his wardrobe changes between to either a mercenary's form-fitting attire to looser robes and jackets.

It's rare if not entirely improbable to view him without his eyepatch, especially because the amount of bone removed from his face has left a sizable area missing to the point of him being unable to chew his meals. Various customized models of the patch aren't an unusual sight however, as he'll use cloth or silk patches when he's in a more casual mood and a blaster-resistant model when hostile situations arise. He prefers to incapacitate his enemies rather than kill them, though his custom-built bantha prod that he has strapped to his side could cause considerable damage on a high enough setting.

[SIZE=10pt]TL;DR - Sarri, born into a world of slavery and dog-eat-dog, has grown to only understand that actual power is through the manipulation and ownership of other life forms. Rather than step away from the slave practice, as one commonly may especially when his own people are the most often-sold ones, he's taken it upon himself to be a primary distributor of exotic slaves and reaps the benefits by having plenty of credits on the side to afford sufficient bodyguards and weaponry.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=10pt]His 'market value' as a slave in his early 20's dropped overwhelmingly when he became afflicted with a human disease on his face that resulted in a large portion of both bone and skin having to be surgically removed. Robbed of his species' "natural beauty" by a human disease and forced to wear either a heavy mask or a sturdy eyepatch that engulfs a large percentage of his face, he was no longer a luxury save for his rare skin pigmentation being somewhat impressive. Sarri went from being a pleasure slave to being left behind to settle a debt when his master simply owed another person mere pocket change.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]He was released from slavery by his new owner, a reformed smuggler, and reacted to it with a surprising amount of bitterness much to the do-gooder's surprise. The man tried to direct him towards community work and helping bust illegal slave businesses, to which he obliged to though more or less to feel useful than anything. About two years into this 'community service' he was allowed to go on more slavery busts and given more freedoms. It was during his second anniversary of freedom that he finally snapped, having enough of his happy-go-lucky hero and struck him in the back of the head with a blaster rifle while they were waiting for reinforcements, robbing both his smuggler ally and the arrested crime lord blind.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Perhaps it was the reminder of being abandoned, as opposed to being liberated. Perhaps it was because he still didn't feel free despite these years of paid work.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Perhaps it was because the smuggler constantly erupted into a hiccupping laugh whenever the word 'pudding' was said in public.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=10pt]Since his first crime he's been able to 'start a business' all on his own, using his own experiences as a slave to know how to manipulate and control others of his kind in a way where escape simply isn't a feasible solution for them. His intimidating disposition has in some instances made him a useful companion as he's been able to sacrifice his innocent beauty in exchange for having the sheer 'charisma' of a prison guard and grouchy rancor.[/SIZE]

The Boorish Bantha
A former-yacht ship that was gutted and refurbished with furniture, pleasure slaves, and seedy soundproof rooms, the slow-moving vessel is gigantic in size and exists as one of the only successful mobile cantinas in the galaxy. Rumors exist of smuggling operations, illegal alien beauties, and some of the most potent breweries that only a constant influx of money can buy. Ask no questions and you'll receive a king's treatment. Ask too much, and you'd be better off shipped to the Hutts.

Servus Facit
A ship that's small, nimble, and outfitted with enough warp speed to warrant dangerous speeds, this is Seir's ship of choice in handling illegal transactions as well as docking on public stations. The ship isn't made to kill as much as it's made to disable, distort, and confuse other ships' radars. And even if the ship is boarded, Seir's favorite slaves are aboard and they're each armed to the teeth and brainwashed beyond saving.




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