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ʜᴄ sᴠɴᴛ ᴅʀᴀᴄᴏɴᴇs
The Kadok Regions
Dust rolled over the valley, carried by the wind, rustling through the scrub and brush. As Antherion put one foot in front of the other, slow, strained by the pain of supporting his own weight, he reflected on how the harsh environment was an alchemy all its own. Bend the Force to one's will, and one could easily take a base humanoid and sculpt them into a bloodthirsty reptile. Only over thousands of years, under the beating, oppressive heat of the blazing sun, however, could one create this perfect culture of honor and violence. Such was the artistry of nature - its favorite medium, blood.

This was where an ally of his - Corin Zanith - had chosen to construct his temple to the Sith. An academy, where adepts would be trained, instructed in the ways of darkness, and then loosed on their enemies. Now? For the most part, it was empty. In the distance, Antherion could see cranes lifting materials for building walls, hear the noise of contract workers and mover droids. It was a work in progress. All things that would be ruin, must first be new.

No - Antherion was not here for the unfinished temple. He was here for another reason. In this valley was buried the first king of the Kaleesh people, the first warlord to unite a single planet under his iron fist. His tomb... that was what Antherion sought.

So, following a trail in the Force, Antherion continued walking, the sun bleaching the shadows out of all the places they could hide. Sweat beaded on his brow. He kept his eyes forwards, looking to the horizon for something - or someone.

| [member="Flinx Kalith"] |
Flinx knew this was the place. The hot dry planet was once home to General Greivous. He was tired but followed the trail in the force. To him it was a silvery thread against an inverse hollo of his vision. On the horizon he saw a figure, bent and looking much worse for wear. Flinx sent his little astromech droid BB-3 to the figure to tell him to rest and he would be there shortly to help. [member="Antherion"]
ʜᴄ sᴠɴᴛ ᴅʀᴀᴄᴏɴᴇs
Antherion paused for a moment, glancing back apprehensively as a droid rolled up towards him. He was far from used to this new, strange technology. A 'BB' unit, or something -- he honestly had no clue why anyone would invent such a thing when sturdy, wheeled constructions would work just as well, if not better. For a moment, his mind drifted back to how easily astromechs in the Imperial age keeled over sideways. Then, he got an inkling.

"Who sent you to me, little one?" He knelt down, painfully - he looked to be just on the cusp of leaving his teenage years, but moved like he was in his nineties. He reached out a thin hand to touch the machine, well aware that it would take minimal effort to smash it like an insect, if he needed to. The droid had no idea how much danger it was in, simply by being close to him - but no, no danger at all. Not until he knew why this device was rolling around him, beeping and whistling.

As [member="Flinx Kalith"] drew closer, Antherion turned his head to him. "Was it you?"

Had Antherion expected a Miraluka, he would have cast some sort of spell of concealment, to hide his true nature and power until he was aware of the being's intentions. As he didn't, however, the alien would be able to see Antherion's true presence in the Force - it was cold, shifting, and deceptive, almost reptilian in its nature. Most Sith were like torches of anger, hate, and fear... but not this one. He was more of a human outline of an event horizon, a dark, yearning absence. Empty, gnawing, hungry.

Antherion reached a hand to wipe the sweat from his brow, a soft smile on his face, his physical mannerisms gentle and nonthreatening. "The weather here is lovely, isn't it?"
Flinx looked at this strange creature. It didn't fit the pattern of Sith or Jedi. However He could see that this creature was ancient. "Yes it was and the weather I assume is hot and sunny although I have trouble telling. May I help you get where you need to go?" Flinx didn't mind that his current curiosity would be put on hold. He couldn't see someone in need without thinking of his mother back on Kashyyyk. Flinx told BB to go get the ship that way they didn't have to walk anymore. A few minutes later the Kyber Dragon hove into view and Flinx offered his arm to [member="Antherion"]
ʜᴄ sᴠɴᴛ ᴅʀᴀᴄᴏɴᴇs
Antherion nodded, then whispered a quick 'yes' when he had the presence of mind to remember that the species probably couldn't see the gesture of affirmation. Rising unsteadily, he wrapped his arm tightly around the alien. In honesty, he wasn't that heavy - once he steadied himself, supporting his weight would be easy for [member="Flinx Kalith"].

Antherion stifled a sigh of relief at having his burden lifted, then let it through - it was nothing that wasn't obvious, there was... little to fear, not nothing, but little to fear from this child. Then again, how much of a child could he be when Antherion himself had lived as few years of life? Antherion had no idea that both had been hardened by the stern hand of Sith upbringing... though Flinx may not have been twisted into inhumanity.

Antherion regarded him curiously. "I have my own ship, settled not too far away from here - but I felt that if I left, I would find something more worthwhile. I think that thing was you."

"You do not fear me, even though you see my true face? This intrigues me."
​"It is that same feeling of intrigue that tells me that though you are a dark creature, you are cold. People without a control on their darkness usually burn bright but go out quickly. Your skin feels soft but you look to me ancient beyond even some planets I've been to. As to our meeting I would attribute that to the living force. I was falling a string of that same living force seeking the knowledge of the ancient ones. if I could attain such knowledge I might be able to help bring the force back into balance."

​Flinx hoped he didn't sound like a raving mynock as he prattled on. He waited for the ancient one to process this.
ʜᴄ sᴠɴᴛ ᴅʀᴀᴄᴏɴᴇs
Antherion chuckled slightly. "The 'Living Force', you say? You always here about the Jedi who 'trusted in the Living Force' and got away, or saved the day. But you never hear about the Jedi who trusted that same sensation and were lead to their deaths at the behest of a Force that demanded their sacrifice to keep its 'balance'. Listen to the whispers of the Force, feel its will like a flowing current... but know where you are going before you run with it."

"You may be following this prophecy of yours to your death, after all."

He tilted his head, sizing up the silver-haired Miraluka. He seemed strong, physically, and in the Force there was a spark of power. His old instincts were beginning to steer him, pushing him to see if he can guide this one down the Dark path that he walked. Take him with him, as a tool and apprentice, reforge him into a Shadow Blade to be wielded by his will and hand.

That would not be for all, though. And it would take time. Patience, and watchfulness would need to satisfy him for now.

"I will enter in the coordinates your ship should bring us to. It is a nearby location, strong with the Dark Side of the Force. You seek knowledge of the Ancients to bring balance to the Force? I seek knowledge for my own reasons as well. We can share."

| [member="Flinx Kalith"] |
"What you say is true old one. However we all go in our due time. My hope is that when i go, there will be others who pick up where i left off and contiue trying to right the boat of the galaxy. Furthermore, depending on what i can find, i may be able to prolong my life enough to where i see my mission to its conclusion. I want My life to mean something. Whenever i am gone, i want someone to stand before my resting place and look to the stars and say, 'This man.... this blind man, opened eyes across the galaxy to what truly matters.'"
ʜᴄ sᴠɴᴛ ᴅʀᴀᴄᴏɴᴇs
Antherion drew his lips back into a cold smile, unseen to Flinx. "That is what you wish for? Jedi or whatever you may be, I suggest you tread with caution that you fight truly for the galaxy, and not simply for how you wish to feel and be remembered. If your will so focuses on how others see you and act because of you..."

Antherion drummed his fingers as the Kyber Dragon swooped over the scrublands. " will be disappointed. The ancient Jedi had the same idea when forging their order, and their wishes for peace brought about the endless wars between Jedi and Sith. You will be misinterpreted first, then questioned, then overthrown by heretics. Better to put in place an ironclad system that will give order to the way of life for all beings after yourself. That is the strongest way... while the Jedi decay and are lost, the Sith are eternal. Let your works be as enduring."

As he spoke, he tapped out a message to broadcast. He was uncertain how [member="Flinx Kalith"] had showed up here, but the steward of Kalee would want him accounted for, or dead, and Antherion had little interest in letting him simply die. [member="Corin Zanith"] would have to be the ultimate judge of this, however.
"Your words carry the weight of experience with them, old one. I guess my inexperience getting up on a soap box is quite funny. and just because I am blind to the visual range doesn't mean I don't get inklings through the force of how you feel. And if you are wanting to be secretive, you might wanna mask your force resonance.

As to my reason here I was following a string of the force, if that makes sense. Its like a thread and it led me here." ​Flinx just sat there afterward not sure where he was in his quest was taking him and this was the first clue.
Corin stood on top of a high rise, several Kaleesh chieftains gathered around him. Below them, they watched as the Kaleesh work crews moved many of the fallen stones and trees away from the Academy, clearing the way for builders to move in and begin repairs. Corin felt nothing but anticipation at the prospect of the Academy's completion. Once it was done, he could begin to further his own goals, and train a new generation of Sith. Both objectives went hand in hand, but Corin knew only time would tell if it played out properly.

The comm unit in his head began to go off, informing him of a short range communication. He opened the channel, and was surprised to see his ally, Antherion's personal identifier. He quickly read through the message, taking note of the coordinates. Turning to the chieftains, sending them back to their people. He would call them again when they were needed.

He moved to a speeder nearby, brought in from off world thanks to his contacts along with the construction equipment. He quickly set off over the tree line, heading towards the location in the message.

After a short flight, he came to a clearing, seeing Antherion's familiar form, as well as another. Bringing the speeder down, he deactivated its engine, before climbing out. He wore his more normal clothing, a simple pair of black pants and shirt, his saber at his hip. His blond hair was cut short, barely coming down to his ears, and his green/yellow eyes regarded the two figures in the clearing.

Walking forward, Corin briefly nodded his head to Antherion. "Antherion, welcome to Kalee. Its good to see you." He turned then to look at the other figure, sensing the connection he had to the force. "And who is this one you bring to my world? A potential acolyte, perhaps?"

[member="Flinx Kalith"]
Flinx noted the new arrival as no more a threat than a fly on a bantha's arse. He turns his eyeless face to [member="Corin Zanith"], "Hello I thought I sensed a Sith nearby, and as far as my connection to the old one here, well that's yet to be determined. It seems we have both been drawn to a certain spot on this fine scrub covered planet. I would guess that you two have had run ins in the recent past?"
Corin looked the figure over briefly before shaking his head. "I do not know who you are, but keep in mind. You are trespassing on this world. One word is all it would take for your life to take a much more dramatic end than you have planned. However, given the fact Antherion here hasn't killed you, I suppose he has something to do with you." At that point Corin turned away from the other man, ignoring him as he spoke to Antherion.

"There has been an update. One of my excavation teams in the the deeper parts of the temple went missing. I investigated myself. I did not find their bodies, however, I found the tomb. It must have been unearthed during some of the construction work. No scouts sent in have returned."

[member="Flinx Kalith"]
ʜᴄ sᴠɴᴛ ᴅʀᴀᴄᴏɴᴇs
Antherion chuckled slightly at the man's intimidation, and the back and forth between the Miraluka and the Sith. "I have not been to Kalee before, but I believe I docked in an orbital station once. And to say that [member="Corin Zanith"] here has 'been to' this world would be somewhat inaccurate. He rules it."

He had crossed paths with Zanith several times before, and traded words on a few of those occasions. From what he had seen of him, the man was endlessly ambitious, and burned with a defiant sort of fire. An asset as an ally, an inconvenience as an enemy, and for the time being, harmless to his plans, if not beneficial. He kept his arm wound tightly around [member="Flinx Kalith"] to steady himself.

"This one is my guest, Corin. And under my protection, even if he keeps calling me 'old one'." He tilted his head. "Now, none return, you say? I believe we may have finally found the source of the darkness that permeates this valley. You know something worthwhile is around the corner when the local primitives yammer endlessly about a place being haunted."
Flinx decided that at this particular juncture, keeping his mouth shut would exponentially increase his lifespan. So he helped keep [member="Antherion"] standing and kept his non-existent gaze away from this [member="Corin Zanith"]
Corin grunted, crossing his arms. "The Kaleesh call it haunted, but we both know what it is. I would have gone down there to investigate myself, however, I have an image I must maintain. I can't rule them if I break their rules and traditions now." Turning, Corin gestured the group to the waiting speeder nearby.

"I have the area secured for now. I can take you there and into the tomb. If you had tried to get in alone, the 'primitive' Kaleesh as you call them would likely have used your bodies as offerings to the gods." Corin walked over himself as he spoke, keying in the activation command, and bringing the speeder up to a hover.

As a convenience, to Antherion, he lowered a ramp in the back, as to give easier access.

[member="Flinx Kalith"]
ʜᴄ sᴠɴᴛ ᴅʀᴀᴄᴏɴᴇs
Hobbling forwards as best as he could, Antherion concentrated, letting his visualizations give power to his ruined legs. The caverns were dark, one more prone to fear might call it menacing, but Antherion had little to fear from the living, and less from the dead. Spirits swirled around in the vortex of the Force, aggregating power... but with the proper protections, one could enter a cavern without any sort of fear.

His friend may not benefit from the same protections, but he at least could be given the more basic shielding. He whispered the brief Sith spells necessary to ward him from rote possession and excess physical influence -- but it would have to be the man's own strength that would guard him from the mental attacks of the spirits.

"Tell me, seer, what is your name?"

| [member="Flinx Kalith"] |
Thinking it ironic that the old one called him 'seer' even though physically he is blind, Flinx steeled himself for their entrance into what his force vision told him was a well of darkside energy. "My name is Flinx Kalith, old one. Remind me when this is finished for me to build you a proper hoverchair. Someone of your age and mental power should save his strength for his ambitions instead of walking." Flinx hoped he hadn't offended [member="Antherion"] . However he continued to try and push the more physically imposing [member="Corin Zanith"] from his mind. He didn't want the more obvious sith to sense a weakness.
ʜᴄ sᴠɴᴛ ᴅʀᴀᴄᴏɴᴇs
Antherion smiled at Flinx's remark. "If I were to take my seat, it would spare me much pain, yes. I would move faster, and fear much less. And in doing so, the price would be that what little muscle tissue my legs have would waste away entirely, and I would never walk again. It would be beyond healing, or any sort of recovery."

"It is a comfortable, natural thing to shy away from what hurts us. But it comes at the cost of losing what makes us strongest."

As they stepped forwards, moving at a relatively slow gait, deeper into the tomb, the halls began to darken into shadow. Antherion extended a palm out flat, a wreath of blue fire swirling into being around it and casting them in a ghostly pallor as they stepped further. The power of darkness began to creep, becoming a shuddering palpability.

"But since I have answered your question, answer one of mine: what is it you most desire? Not for the sake of anyone but yourself."

| [member="Flinx Kalith"] |
To be honest Flinx didn't have many desires. At his core Flinx just wanted to be at peace and possibly find a wife and settle down somewhere where he knew he wouldn't be hunted or exploited. He wanted to build a library where any and all could come to learn about the knowledge he had amassed in his relatively short lifespan. He had done a lot of research on an ancient Jedi named Odan-Urr who had done just that. The only difference was that he had lived for close to a thousand years, Flinx only had sixty to seventy years if he was lucky. But with the current Jedi, Sith war going on right now that nearly made his dream an impossibility, and even if he did manage to settle down and build his library he could end up just as his hero did, dead. Yes Odan-urr was killed by the Dark lord of the sith Exar Kunn over a sith holocron.

I made all these thoughts known to the old one, @Antherion. He had nothing to hide.

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