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Sedna Mining Corporation

Salvage Empire
Corporation Name: Sedna Mining Corporation

Headquarters: Ceto

Locations: Kesh, Karideph,Tantra

Operations: Mining, Mineral Refinement, Smelting

Rationale: After a failed attempt at undersea salvage, Judah looked for other ways to expand on what the sea had to offer. After viewing a mining operation on an asteroid during a salvage job, Judah set to work applying the same concept to the vast untapped resources below the water.

Tier: Tier II


Sedna Mining Corporation [SMC] is a company focused not on asteroid or surface mining, but the acquisition of minerals from deep below ocean depths. Large,underwater facilities refine and smelt the raw materials, cutting out the middle man and pushing a refined product straight to the shipping lanes. The nature of the mining is very hands on, with drilling droids and workers focusing on veins and honeypots of minerals and ores rather than strip mining. This has allowed SMC to remain environmentally responsible on some of the most sensitive ecosystems each location has to offer.

With the main facility on Ceto, SMC also maintains facilities on Kesh, Tantra, and Karideph. Each facility operates with a small[3-4] group of project managers in order to maintain daily operations for each facility. Daily reports and communication with the owner[J.Dashiell] guides the actions of each facility.

Minerals mined include feldspar,kammris, trinium, teniline granules,durelium ore, amongst small deposits of various other common minerals/ores in much lesser amounts. Each amount depends on the facility and location, with some locations only mining one mineral/ore based on local conditions and deposits.

Development Threads :

Under the Sea - Judah tries his hand at undersea salvage, testing droid designs, setting the stage for his undersea mining ideas.
20,000 Leagues Under Kaeshana - Judah meets with Tegaea Alcori and Siobhan Kerrigan to discuss Firemane's venture into underwater mining.

Darth Adekos

Derisive Umbaran
@[member="Judah Dashiell"]

We're no longer accepting Tier III companies off the bat, barring canon corporations. This will have to be Tier II and, with that in mind, it can't own another Tier II company as a subsidy.