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Search for the Dark Temple

Planet: Korriz

The jungles of Korriz were dark and unwelcoming, shadows covered every inch of the lush dark green foliage, gray clouds blanketed the sky, and the aura of the planet was shrouded in the dark side. Korriz was a Sith World; one of hundreds, on the far reaches of Sith Space, located at the end of the Descri Wris near the planets Athiss and Ziost. Right now Korriz was the world where the Sith Pureblood Vinyata Nichasii was exploring in search of powerful ancient Sith artifacts and temples. Vinyata was a Sith Assassin, gracefully traversed the landscape, never making a sound. She was wearing a the top half of a Sith Inquisitor robe, an eloquent black garment imbued with Sith sorcery and contained symbols and inscriptions of Sith language in purple and green. Around her neck was a garnet red amulet attached to a silver chain. On her legs she wore tight black pants that had soft but strong armor padding woven into them. Her forearms bore multi-purpose assassin gauntlets lined with calligraphic designs and black gloves covered her hands.

Vinyata continued walking through the jungle stepping over rocks and through foliage, using her assassin training to remain hidden from any possible dangers. The war between the Republic and Empire was drawing to a close, as the various galactic factions invasions overwhelmed the dwindling Sith forces. Knowing the Empire would surely face defeat; Vinyata had set about reclaiming the power that was once hers. A pureblood, a race once considered extinct, Vinyata had once been a powerful Sith Lord during the reign of the Resurgent Sith Empire and the Old Republic. She was even close to becoming a Darth and had won a Kagath that would surely land her a position on the Dark Council. But an unexpected stasis had simultaneously reversed all her years of hard work and had diminished her once-great force powers. Vinyata could have once bent the force to her will, now she was much limited in her power, and needed to reclaim it as soon as possible. This was why she was traveling to Korriz, as during her days of the Old Republic and her time spent in this modern age she had heard of numerous precious Dark Side power sources. There was one temple in particular out of several ancient Sith insitituions on Korriz that was supposed to be one of the last thresholds of ancient Sith power. Vinyata was determined to do what no other Sith had done and recover artifacts from this temple and learn their power. Despite being a Sith Assassin, Vinyata desired to learn every power imaginable, and the prospect of amulets and spellbooks and holocrons that she could learn and relearn new and old powers from was a prospect she could not pass up. It was also why she was accompanied by one of the most talented Inquisitors in the modern Sith order on this excursion. On and on she kept trekking…

@[member="Darth Avara"]

Adamus Straife

The Slayer
For Avara, Korriz was a welcome sight; he relished in the dark jungles and the shadows, the darkness was his mother's milk, his cloak, the darkness kept his enemies blind and made him strong. This apprentice had not learned to embrace that side of the Force so eagler, but soon she would. In time, @[member="Vinyata Nicashii"] would learn to covet the dark side like he did. He trekked through the jungle, bashing aside foliage of different patterns, designs, and colours aside with the hilt of his lightsaber. The dark side was strong here, he felt, and the apprentice could feel it too. They were on the hunt for an age old temple of hidden Sith knowledge; it might contain a hoard of holocrons, scrolls and lost data, or it might contain nothing at all. But this temple was so well hidden that it was impossible for it to hide nothing at all.

"Why do you want to learn Sith sorcery? Why alchemy? Why not master the lightsaber like I have. Become both warrior and sorcerer and you will find that enemies will fall to your feet much easier." He didn't turn to look at her, only continued down the unmarked path. He knew where this temple was, he could feel it calling to him like a dark beacon, promising untold secrets, or death. He would probe the woman during their journey, ensuring she was of the right mindset to harness the sorcerer's arts. He might make a warrior out of her too, if she would have it.
As Vinyata and Darth Avara trekked across the dark jungle, Vinyata could feel the presence of the temple growing stronger and stronger. "Why do you want to learn alchemy?" The mysterious Darth Avara asked. "Why not master both the force and blade as I have?"

Nostalgia crept into the back of Vinyata's mind and lust coupled with anger flashed through her as she formulated a response. The powerful Darth was clearly testing her mantle, pushing her for answers, seeing if she was worth his time. Which made sense, as Vinyata owed Darth Avara nothing. The pair had fought in several campaigns together, even if they hadn't fought side by side. They had agreed to travel to Korriz together, to enhance Vinyata's connection to the force and train her in powerful alchemist ways. Avara needed to make sure this expedition would be beneficial to them both.

"I am a Sith Assassin." Vinyata said with pride, "I am a master of the blade. My saberstaff is an extension of my body in combat." What she had said was truthful, years of a stasis could not erase her physical abilities, training, and muscle memory, however there was still room for improvement before Vinyata was able to truly master lightsaber combat. Vinyata hoped that she could find a holocron on Sith lightsaber combat in the Dark Temple.

"What would you do, Darth Avara, if you were stripped of all your significant force powers? You couldn't summon demons, control minds, evicerate opponents in lightning?" Vinyata asked, continuing the conversation. "I was once a powerful Sith Lord during the days of the Old Republic. My enemies trembled, I fell thousands of soldiers, hundreds of Jedi, and destroyed any Sith who dared opposed me. I commanded a loyal army, and was about to be put on the Dark Council. I WAS ALMOST A DARTH!!" Vinyata raged, dark side energy seething from her body, as she screamed heavenward. "And now my powers are gone. I could summon Force Storms, Force Destructions, Force Whirlwinds at will. I need to reclaim what was once mine." Vinyata said clenching her fist. "I will not be denied the rank of Darth. I will command the force as I once did." @[member="Darth Avara"]

Adamus Straife

The Slayer
"So you think," he merely replied to all that she said, pacing forward. He admired the ambition, it was not unlike his own, and her anger was impressive. Good. She would need it for the trials ahead. Though he wondered as she clenched her fist and screamed to the sky if her temper could be restrained. Anger, hatred and pain gave a Sith their power, but just like a Jedi and his emotions, too much of one thing may overwhelm them. Avara was taught this fact early, and in conjunction with harnessing his raw emotions, he was also taught to keep them controlled. A Sith without control is mindless, chaotic and unruly. He would teach this to @[member="Vinyata Nicashii"] to ensure she did not become useless.

Ahead, the temple loomed. It was an old structure, and instead of the modern architecture created from far more durable substances, this temple was made out of stones, mortar and sorcery. There was an ancient feel to the temple, and it radiated fascinatingly. The tantalising lure of the dark side of the Force was ever present, and Darth Avara made sure to draw upon it all he could to strengthen his connection to the place. They came to the wide, broken temple doors a few minutes later. "First lesson. Awareness." He removed his lightsaber from within his robe. The curved-hilt was uniquely tailored to him alone and he wielded such a blade with deadly efficiency. "You first. Watch out for traps." He gestured his de-activated hilt toward the broken entrance, beckoning her to be the first to enter.
Although Vinyata knew that controlled rage was the epitamy of strength, not blind rage, she had let her anger boil over. Calming herself, she bent the force to her will as the Sith do, and probed the temple for traps and what to expect. The Temple was filled with the dark side, it radiated power, strength, and all the emotions connected to the dark side. It was clearly undisturbed unlike the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban. Grave robers hadn't had the chance to pillage this once grand temple yet. Standing grandly, shrouded in the forest and in mystery, the dark temple was a well of strength that Vinyata could call on, but drinking to much from it would corrupt her. (OCC: Drinking is a metaphor)

Knowing this, she used the force and willed her elegantly crafted saberstaff into her right hand. Twirling her saberstaff, she let her assassin instincts guide her into the temple, which became foreboding dark instantly. There was a shortage of light in the jungle, but the inside of the temple was devoid of light. No matter. Vinyata confidently thought as she used her senses to guide her.

Suddenly, when Vinyata and Avara walked past the entrance of the temple, the doors swung shut. Which was expected, and was not startling, but it was unsettling, there was a strong dark force in this temple, perhaps the ghost of an old Sith that had lived when Vinyata was a Lord during the days of the Old Republic. Or even longer ago. Vinyata thought.

Vinyata sensed danger and immediately used the force and force jumped onto the ceiling, a group of spikes instantly came out of the ground seemingly right after she had leapt. Using the force, she clung onto the celling upside down like a spider. Using her senses, she could sense oncoming Sith Alchemy creatures. The creatures were disturbingly silent, but Vinyata could sense that they had an intolerable taste of flesh. @[member="Darth Avara"]