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Scion Technologies Incorporated



Corporation Name: Scion Technologies Incorporated

Headquarters: Mustafar

Locations: none

Operations: droid manufacturing, customizing, and upgrading. Production, customization, and upgrading of small ships. Seperate facility operates as a chop shop for small stolen ships.

Parent Corporation: N/A

Subsidiaries: N/A

The company has two plants on Mustafar. Skritch himself is still very involved in the business. Between meetings and conventions where he tries to sell his products, he travels to the production plants to view the latest progress and inspect the products for quality. He keeps a small human staff but the production plants are mostly automated. Skritch has no allegiance, but to the credit and will sell both his droids and his ships to anybody who can pay for them. He is also aware of the third facility on Mustafar which operates as a chop shop for small stolen ships.

Skritch Scion had been a professional gambler from Corelia. After amassing a small fortune in credits this way, he poured his money into a start up called Scion Technology Incorporated. At first they bought and sold nothing more than parts for various vehicles. Skritch was able to use his gambling experience to make some wise moves for the business and eventually they opened their first droid manufacturing plant on Mustafar. At this point, Skritch set up a chop shop and began to move ship parts illegally for extra profit. Skritch's businesses continued to succeed and eventually he built another plant on Mustafar, this one designed to produce any ship up to the size of a small freighter.