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Approved Starship Scion-class Stealth Corvette

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Scion-class Stealth Corvette


Intent: The purpose of this submission is to provide the Confederacy of Independent Systems with a small, semi-unique capital ship capable of utilizing stealth technology.


Disclaimer: Due to the "Purge", the four development threads that were completed in anticipation for the creation of this vessel had been obliterated. However, I will use this section to highlight the content of the threads and list those who participated in them in order to validate my claim. I had also spoken to a member of staff regarding this particular "issue".

Part I: Concept

Domino, the Vigo of the Black Sun Syndicate, approached the Grand Marshal of the Confederacy in order to enlighten him to a concept that was under development. This concept was the Adegan Cloaking Device; and now intrigued, Genesis committed a team of personnel from the CIS' research and development department in order to assist in the creation and research of the device.

Part II: Initial Supplies

In the interest of furthering the standing neutral agreement pact held between their nations, and in order to further the pending research and development of the Adegan Cloaking Device, Genesis Rostu sat down with the former Vice Chancellor of the Republic. Their dialogue resulted in the CIS earning the privilege to commence mining operations on the asteroids present in the Cularin System; home to Adegan Crystals

Part III: Additional Supplies

Reaching out beyond the confines of Confederate space, a delegation was sent to the distant world of Halm in order to broker a deal regarding their existing cache of Adegan Crystals and the further riches to be harvested from their mines. With Myra Subach heading the preceedings, the CIS and Halm leadership brokered an agreement in which, in exchange for the rare and valuable Adegan Crystals, in addition to that which was to mined in the future, the CIS would provide advanced mining equipment in addition to the vital foodstuffs, such as produce and water, that were scarce to the desert world.

Part IV: Additional Supplies

The aftermath of the events at Polis Massa had strained the relations between the Confederacy, Sith Empire, and Black Sun Syndicate. In the interest of peace, Tyrin Ardik called a meeting in order to clear greivances. The end result was neutrality across the board between the Confederacy, Syndicate, and Empire; and the continuation of trade between the CIS and Sith. This, of course, included the Adegan native to the Empire's own Ossus.


  • Manufacturer: Druckenwell Shipyards
  • Model: Scion-class Stealth Corvette
  • Affiliation: The Confederacy of Independent Systems
  • Modularity: Yes (Payload)*
  • Production: Semi-Unique (4)
  • Material: Durasteel, Duranium
  • Classification: Assault Corvette
  • Role: Support, Assault
  • Height: 35 meters
  • Width: 50 meters
  • Length: 150 meters
  • Power Core Generator/Reactor: Ionization Reactor
  • Hyperdrive Rating: Class 1
  • Minimum Crew: 12
  • Optimal Crew: 62
  • Passenger Capacity: 75
  • Cargo Capacity: 1,500 tons
  • Consumables: 1 year
  • Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 6
  • Adegan Cloaking Device
  • Advanced Targeting Systems
  • Advanced Navigational Systems
  • Standard Life Support Systems
  • Standard Sensory Array
  • Standard Shielding Systems
  • Thrust Trace Dampener
  • Encryption Network
  • Escape Pods
  • Heavy Turbolaser Cannons (4)
  • Heavy Quad Laser Cannons (5)
  • Heavy Ion Cannons (4)
  • Ordnance Launch Tube (1)
  • Ion Bomb (1)
  • Proton Torpedoes (6)

The Scion-class Stealth Corvette is the culmination of tireless efforts on the part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. While other powers throughout the Galaxy deemed it necessary to create stealth-based capital ships of larger, and even astronomical, lengths, the designers of Druckenwell Shipyards opted to go a different route. The result was, as opposed to a single capital ship of great size, a collection of five corvettes armed with the newly-produced Adegan Cloaking Devices. As a whole, the Scion-class Corvette varies very little from the standard Corvette of the CIS military, that being the Reaper-class Corvette.

The only key difference, aside from the presence of a cloaking device and adequate dampeners, is the presence of better ion cannons coupled with an ordnance launch tube whose payload can be swapped out prior to each engagement. There are two potential payloads for this tube: a single, neutron bomb; or a set of six proton torpedoes.

The intended role of the Scion-class Stealth Corvette is to act as a covert complement to the operations of the Confederate Naval Forces. It can act as close support, or assault, depending upon whatever it is that the mission calls for.

*Image Source: Moonxel

Seydon of Arda

@[member="Genesis Rostu"]

Heyo! We do apologize about the loss of posts and data in the Great Purge of November 9th. >,> ...I'm going to merciful and skip along to the most pertinent thing I have to make in request. ...Can you be so kind as to provide a hyperlink to where you found the Submission image? We (extended Staff, so on and so forth, yadda yadda) have decided to be a little kinder to the many nameless artists that have their work featured in countless submissions. If you can provide an Artist Name + Hyperlink or even just a Hyperlink telling where this was found, you'd be getting Kudos points. If you can do that, please, I can speed this along.
@[member="Seroth Ur-Rahn"]; I had only just noticed the change in what was asked for in the Template this evening. The submission has been updated with the requested image source. :)
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