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NAME | Savan
| Athiss

FACTION | Independent
RANK | Acolyte

SPECIES | Falleen
AGE | 87
| Male
| 1.83m
| 80Kgs
EYES | Gold
| Black
| Green with red burn marks.

Savan has sleek symmetry of features and the distinct angular visage with prominent facial and spinal ridges that elude a calculating and cold demeanour. Combined this with his exotic looks and his ability to alter his skin pigmentation, Savan is often considered to be among the most aesthetically pleasing beings in the galaxy. He has small scales all over his body, as well as slightly clawed fingers and toes.

Savan's right shoulder and over his upper right chest has been severely burned before. A result of a previous battle, the skin is highly sensitised and covered in keloid scars.


Falleen society was of a feudal nature, with noble houses ruling over the lower classes. The upper echelons of Falleen monarchies were rife with politics and intrigue, but they rarely spilled blood over blatant disputes or open warfare. For Savan, it was no different. Coming from a noble bloodline and a cold-blooded species, Savan respects discipline and control, particularly self-control.

As a result of this attitude, he has a tendency to look down on the more openly passionate, whom he sees as lacking self-control. He had a towering sense of superiority which he felt was only right and proper due to a Falleen's discipline and rigid self-control. As such while his skin pigmentation changed naturally to reflect his mood, Savan long ago mastered the ability to change his skin tone at will, allowing him to foster an appearance of calm when he was really angry.

+ COLOR SHIFTING | As a Falleen, Savan is able to alter his skin pigmentation
+ IRRISITABLE | As a Falleen, Savan is able to exude powerful pheromones that make him all but irresistible to both sexes.
+ SEMI-AQUATIC | Savan is able to hold his breath underwater for a long period of time.
+ TURADIUM | Resistant to mind-tricks and are not open to suggestion.
+ SELF CONTROL | Savan has excellent self-control. He tends to shun public displays of emotion and for one who uses the Darkside, is exceptionally patient.

- SUPERIORITY | Savan has a towering sense of superiority which he felt was only right and proper due to a Falleen's discipline and rigid self-control. This tends to permeate upon his interactions with others of his species, only able to acknowledge Pureblood Sith as an equal counterpart.
- ALLERGY: Savan is allergic to Sparkbee Honey. Contact to his skin can inflict a terrible and painful skin reaction much like first degree burns.
- SENSITIVE SKIN: Savan's right shoulder and over his upper right chest has been severely burned before. A result of a previous battle, the skin is highly sensitised and covered in keloid scars.

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Athiss is not a world that most associate any longer with the Sith, most have forgotten almost entirely about the planets venerated history as the residence of once famed Sith Lord Vodal Kresh. His memory was banished long ago, and with it the power that had carried on from ancient times. Yet before him was another, a name that had been lost within the turbulence of the great Hyperspace war itself; Lady Mierin.

Though not as powerful as Vodal, nor as revered as his ancestor Ludo, Lady Mierin once ruled over Athiss with the same powerful hold. She had been revered, venerated by her people and raised up as a trustworthy monarch within the ancient Empire. Her world was prosperous, and her contributions to the Dark Lords of the Sith grand. She fought within the wars of the Empire, brought supplies, ships, weapons, and men to the forefront of battle. She was unquestioningly loyal, and until her disappearance she ruled Athiss with an Iron Fist. Her motivations were beyond repute, and throughout the Empire she was held in high regard. When her ship vanished however, torn from hyperspace and never heard from again, her world quickly fell.

The little family that Lady Mierin had held fled Athiss, knowing they would be prime targets for assassinations. They moved to all corners of the Empire, some to Dromund Kaas, others to Korriban, and still others towards the Outer Rim, seeking solitude and safety for when they knew they could return to their home.

Those that remained and had once been beneath Lady Mierin's yolk of power vied for control and eventually managed to usurp her rule.

Centuries later Vodal Kresh would take the once famed world for himself. He garnered a base of power and grew in strength enough to challenge the Sith Emperor himself, only to be quickly put down by the Empire's might. Athiss was once again relegated to nothing more than a wasted ruin, seen as little more than a distant memory by those of the Empire. Though a few cultists later returned to the world, Athiss never truly recovered until much later, once the Sith Emperor had been dispatched and the galaxy once again grew to forget the Sith all together.

Many years after the Empire fell and Athiss once again lay as little more than a ruin of its former self, settlers returned to the world. Sith Purebloods, some of the lineage of Lady Mierin, some simple refugees from the baneful eye of the Jedi. It mattered not where they came from, but they returned to Athiss in droves. Over the years they rebuilt, though never expanding past their own yolk of power. Athiss began to thrive in a way, maintaining a subtle balance between a growing community, and a stealthy existence upon a world that most thought simply abandoned.

This community continued to exist for millenia, always careful, always watchful.

They never moved beyond their means, and although their pride nearly always demanded it, they never moved in such a way that would risk detection. The leaders of the world, the ever weary descendants of Lady Mierin knew that if they took a step too far, they might be discovered. Although the galaxy grew friendly to their ways at times, the descendants always held back, watching, waiting, knowing that eventually their time would come.

Though Lady Mierin and her ways were not forgotten on Athiss, the people that had once followed her no longer did. They revered their ancient ancestor for the power that she brought them at one point, but to many of the ruling Kissai she was but a memory of the past. They knew that she was gone, and knew that they had to move their people forward. They did this with an almost religious Zeal, pressing the newly reborn Athiss into what they saw as perfection.

The transition was slow.

Centuries passed, and the Purebloods of Athiss grew in numbers. The world became a sprawling memory of what had once been the Glorious Sith Empire. Cities rose, canals were built, and the old ways were kept.

Though most would think that by their nature the Purebloods would seek expansion, something kept them in place. They did not seek out conquest of nearby worlds nor their subjugation. Instead they waited, watched, and quietly grew more and more insular over the centuries. It was not wrong to deem them Cowards, for those who lead Athiss were weary of the galaxy at Large. They had seen their brothers fall, they had watched Empire after Empire drowned, and after millenia, their Pride was shrouded in fear.

There were those upon Athiss that disagreed of course, those that wanted to reach towards the stars once more and reclaim their rightful place, but they were kept quiet, either through deceit or through murder.

It was only when the galaxy weakened. When the plague struck those around them that the people of Athiss realized their opportunity.
They saw worlds that had once been powerful crippled. They watched through blood rituals and stolen transceivers, saw as planet after planet buckled under the weight of its own populations. They saw the weakness, and slowly, the ideals of the minority spread. Those Purebloods that had begun to push for war, those that not only wanted, but needed battle began to slowly reclaim their place.

The council that ruled over Athiss saw the frightened fall, and the brave rise.

It was they that saw what the Galaxy needed.

A reminder.



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Zhin Zondaar

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You old man :p

On another note cool story. And just to clarify, so all I need is honey if we fight? *purchases honey shooter*

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