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Savages Post Thread

Miss Blonde

Trying to be straight in a crooked Galaxy
I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who came out for Syndicate's latest thread Savages. It was so much fun to write with you guys and I hope it was as emotional and gripping for you guys as it was for me and the other members of Syndicate who helped put it together. So again thank you for your assistance and as per usual here is the reward thread for the thread. Feel free to pick any two items from this list and they are yours along with the 250K that was advertised. Please stay tuned for Syndicate's newest thread ad that will be dropped later today. We are the only active criminal faction on the board and if you're looking to get your crime on then there's no other place to be.

Faction Page

Phrik Halberd
The Ravager
Tactical Fighting Blade
Phrik Bracers
The Marauder
Savior Class Tactical Vest Comes with accompanying Phrik SAPI
Reclaimer Modular Helmet
Defender Bracelets
Cruciatus Blades
Kandosii Blades
Enigma Class Gas Mask
Bone Breaker Trench Club
Drifter Class Shotgun
Desperado Class Beskar Armor:
Phantasm Class Stealth Cloak:

[member="Darth Abyss"] [member="Thraxis"] [member="Xiarr Sair"] [member="Vigil"] [member="Hala Jast"] [member="Acaleus Thorn"] [member="Macoda Haberon"] [member="Dead Eye"] [member="Halifax McCade"] [member="Nate the Bounty Hunter"] [member="Tanya Thiran"] [member="Mara Illyrett"]
Damn...i want that stealth cloak...but i want revenge for those cientist...but i could be a real ghost-assassin in threads... Decisions decisions...

Still a good thread for so many people to join tho [member='Miss Blonde']


тнє ναмριяє ℓσя∂
[member="Miss Blonde"]

This was indeed fun. I'll be joining the next for sure.

Also, I'll be taking the Cruciatus Blades and Drifter Class Shogun along with the 250k. Thanks again!

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