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Sato Ryuu


Paradox Obscure

Name: Sato Ryuu
Age: 17
Faction: The Sith Empire
Rank: Sith Acolyte
Role: Assassin
Homeworld: Atrisia

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 115 lbs
Force-Sensitive: Yes


Having grown up in isolation for most of her life, Sato has never developed people skills and knows only how to lie in order to save her own skin. She is cold when approached and laughs in inappropriate situations. Her mood seems perpetually on edge, unless she is fighting, in which case she relaxes and allows her rage to take over.

Kleptomaniac and coward are two words which describe Sato’s "me or them" nature. She does not regard the feelings of others when she betrays a friend, only her own lot in life. She steals compulsively, even if she does not need to and betrays anybody if she is certain she cannot count on them. The Sith Assassins have provided her with the only security she has ever known and for this reason, she remains deathly loyal to the Empire.

Sato knows how to get by in even the darkest corners of the galaxy, with little to no formal education. She only acquired literacy and numeracy skills from her time with the Sith and can read street signs simply from experience. She analyzes dangerous situations quickly and makes her move with acute precision. A tomboy, she is not phased by being covered in dirt, sweat or blood.

Stubborn, hot-tempered and vicious, Sato says what she thinks and doesn’t follow orders easily. Preferring to work alone, she is most likely to kill her own teammate out of convenience, or if they pose a threat to the mission at hand. She trusts nobody, nor can anybody trust her. Her survival instincts are acute and serve her well when any blade is held to her throat.



An attractive young woman of Atrisian descent, Sato is short with a muscular frame. Her hair is pin-straight, black and falls to her waist with a center parting. She has tanned skin and dark brown eyes. She usually wears her hair in pigtails or leaves it scruffy and long. She wears utilitarian Sith robes or a black spacer's jacket with military britches.

Strengths and Weaknesses

As a Sith Assassin, Sato’s greatest strengths are her speed and dexterity. She has not yet learned how to properly use the Force or wield a lighsaber. She wields an electro-staff or sai knives in combat. She is incredibly fast and skilled in gymnastics, able to outrun any enemy and move with blinding accuracy in combat. She does not take orders easily and prefers to work for herself. In turn, she does not have the charisma to give orders either.

Sato only learned how to read, write and count upon joining the Sith and has never received a proper education. She cannot read complicated words and only understands basic arithmetic. For most of her life, she has been feral and has learned from whoever has taken her in. She is disrespectful and loses her temper easily. She will never be a scholar or diplomat.


1 x Pair of Sai
1 x Electro-staff
1 x Set of Standard Sith Robes


Paradox Obscure

Born in an impoverished village in the countryside of Atrisia, Sato was wild from birth. Her parents were farmers who were only married out of convenience. When Sato was born by what they considered to be an accident, their lives became even more difficult.

While her parents taught her the basic skills needed to survive in harsh conditions, Sato was ultimately left to herself once she was old enough to seek independence. Helping her parents on their farm from a young age, she developed fast wits and built up her physical strength.

Sato wandered the fields in her spare time and practiced fighting criminals with her electro-staff. When she found out that she was Force-sensitive, her parents fled their farm and left her to fend for herself.

A platoon of warriors raided the village, the commander of which noted Sato's natural dexterity. He took her under his wing and taught her how to fight. Living with the Atrisian military for a time being, Sato accompanied the soldiers on campaigns across the planet. During a battle, the commander who was training Sato was killed by a mercenary named Basim.

Basim captured Sato and kept her as his personal slave, often utilizing her combat skills on raids. While living aboard his ship, Sato was heavily abused by Basim and his comrades. During a raid in Imperial space, the ship was apprehended by Darth Ophidia, who slaughtered the crew and adopted Sato as her apprentice.