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Satine D'ulin

Satine Detta

Mistryl Shadow Guard

NAME: Satine D'ulin
FACTION: Mistryal Shadow Guards
RANK: Emberlene Elder, serves as one of the Eleven Elders
AGE: 25
SEX: Female
EYES: dark blue, sometimes gray
HAIR: dark brown
SKIN: creamy peach
Married to [member="Nolan Detta"]

Corvus Detta
Kaylanna Detta

FORCE SENSITIVE: not force sensitive.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

+ she believes all things are possible with hard work
+ she has an incredible memory for details.
-Satine cannot see the color green, it just looks gray to her. If a color has a lot of green in it it may looked streaked. It becomes difficult, items have had to be special made for her to not contain the color green.

-Her balance can be affected by high altitudes, often making her very nauseous.


Toned curves, 5 foot 8 inches, around 130 to 140 pounds. Shoulder length dark brown hair, elegant long fingers.


Part of Satine’s story lies in shadows, raised by her Aunt and Uncle after the death of her mother her memories at times are broken with flashes of clarity.
As a small child she oftened played in the offices of her mother. She had been small enough to fit under the desk playing with a new toy that had been given to her. She had not questioned where her father was it seemed many of the others did not have fathers, and there were a few brothers. But it always seemed to fall upon hushed silence whenever visitors talked to her mother.

At the age of five she had picked up the beginnings of a new language. She would repeat it word for word her memory so sharp she could see the words as they formed. Her mother often worried about her she was so serious a child, her smiles seemed fake, while all intensity focused on learning whatever it was for that day. She would master one task only to be bored shortly afterwards her mother always needed something to keep her occupied.

There was a day that she remembers in pieces. Playing under her desk. The sounds of someone entering, a touch from her mother to stay put. A sound that she did not know and then silence. She waited for her mother to say it was ok but all she did was sit there in her chair with her head down.

When they found Satine two days later she had managed to crawl up into her mother’s lap the blood from the chest wound smeared across her face. Satine had not understood what death was, or how death worked. She waited thinking her mother sleeping.

Her Aunt picked her up, no one had thought to talk to Satine at the time distraught at being separated from her mother she cried for days there was solace for her.
They buried her mother in the tradition of the Emberlene, a funeral pyre. Satine remembers watching her mother burn. She fears fire, even as an adult fire frightens her remembering how it had consumed her mother.

Raised in the household of her Aunt she grew close to her cousins Erela, and Mya another daughter of her mother’s brother. The three formed a group forming a pact to protect one another no matter what.

Satine entered training for the Shadow Guards at the age of 11. She worked hard running miles, building muscles, building her endurance to face any situation. The pattern of moves taught by the instructors for hand to hand martial arts kept her focused she learned to put her mind somewhere else as she moved. The gentle sweep of her hand to brush away an attack, the hard forceful front kick followed by a spin to knock the enemy to the ground came to her easily. It was body movement, focus on where to hit. Focus on what would stop, she did not train to kill. She trained to stop them.

Memories of her mother fading away she feared losing all thoughts of her. The movement required concentration not only on herself but on the world around her. In time they felt they could teach her no more, she could defend herself.

Satine moved on to weapons, the perfect accent to the patterned movements of the arts were small elegant weapons which required precision. She learned about the shuriken, also known as throwing stars. They fit perfectly into the palm of her hand with a flick of her wrist they would slide forward between her fingers where she could spin and throw. If one can spin one must also learn to roll, for rolling the shuriken would work, but the zenji needles she chose. She could reach behind her head pull each of the needles roll forward, and then throw as she moved to her feet. Weapons that could kill, but did not.

As with all she took up the shock whip, mostly because she liked to hear it snap and crackle. She laughed each time she picked it up. One flick and it would double back shocking herself. It was not as easy to manipulate as the others. It took time, and many singe marks on her skin, and clothing to finally consider herself worthy to say she could handle it.

Sniper rifles seemed to be the chosen weapon of the D’ulin clan. She trained on several not as good as her cousin Erela but she could make the shot when it counted. This was a weapon designed to injure or kill depending upon the shooter.

When she came of age at 16 as with other cultures she was dropped in the middle of nowhere and told to get back in two days. Two days. No food, no water. Everything had to be foraged. In the middle of the night of the first day nearly 20 hours after being dropped off she walked into the edge of the city. Weak, thirsty, and hungry she looked at up the teachers, “am I the first back?”

She had to be the best, even if it killed her. It was during this time alone during this great stress she finally realized that she had been in the room when her mother was killed. She remembered the voice, she remembered what was said. It was treason, something it took her eleven years to understand.
The argument had been over a deal to be made with the Empire the very thing that had changed their society. It became heated the two verbal combatants sparing with one another, threats were made. And then silence.

Satine had crawled out to see peeking around the corner of the desk she saw the retreating figure of her Aunt Eval. Satine felt suckered punched. Family was everything how could she! Satine knew that confrontation would have to be well timed. She needed to become Leader of the Clan, she needed to be the best.
Driven by her need to be able to face her Aunt Satine lived and breathed her training. There was no time for anything else, nothing else mattered. Nothing but being able to stand at the head of her mother’s clan, to take her mother’s place as leader, to take it away from her Aunt.

By the time she was 20 she was ready, she stood outside their home. Erela and Mya stood as her witnesses. Little did they know what she had planned. Hand to Hand combat. The younger woman against the experienced one. Each with their own desires to lead, until Satine whispered to her, “I know it was you” Eval had stopped wide eyed fear looked at her niece. “We do what we must to survive” And then she gave up. Kneeling before her niece, offering the back of her neck.

Satine then claimed leadership, and has been so since.

Satine is apart of a six member team of Mistryl Shadow Guards that are hired to fulfill contracts as needed. Like the Mandalorians all credits earned are given back to Emberlene to build its government and be able to affect changes as needed.

The Galaxy is changing and Satine wishes to be apart of it.




Notes about Mistryl Shadow Guards -
They were trained to use hold-out blasters and vibroblades, and were also educated in the use of more exotic weapons such as hand claws, shock whips, and zenji needles.

The Mistryl were legendary for their stealth and ability to remain unnoticed at all times. They had access to a huge database of profiles of galactic citizens. When needed, a guard could quickly use one of these and assume that person's identity in order to either get close to a target or get away from an area.


When paths cross- Satine meets [member="Marcello Matteo"] who offers her a job

Eenee meanee minee moe, I chose you - Satine meets [member="Nolan Detta"] and it is lust and love at first sight.

Guess who is coming to dinner - Satine meets her father [member="Strider Garon"] for the first time, she has Nolan come to give her courage

Pssst, I got something to show you -

Meet the Clan - Satine meets Nolan's family

The wind whispers our name - Nolan and Satine explore Mandalore, he buys her a beautiful necklace to remember the occasion, he has asked her to marry him.

Death by misadventure - Mya and Aken seek to kill Satine by turning her over to Circe