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Saren Kel-Varad

Saren Kel-Varad


NAME: Saren Kel-Varad
FACTION: The Galactic Empire
RANK: 2nd Lieutenant
AGE: 25
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'0''
WEIGHT: 198 lbs
EYES: Silvery Orbs
SKIN: Dark, almost reddish.


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Saren is a highly trained and extremely skilled soldier. He progressed from being an enlisted Stormtrooper, to one of the first Force Recon troopers, to being one of the first selected for specialized 'Force Breaker' training. He is very good at his job, and that job happens to be confronting and killing Force Users on the battlefield with only conventional equipment.

+ Saren has trained as a Yovshin Swordsman since he was old enough to hold a blade, and can be considered a skilled journeyman in the Jar'Kai style of fighting. He always carries a pair of Jar'Kai dueling sabers, even when in full armor.

+ The Force Breaker Squad Saren leads has trained and fought together as a unit for several years now. On the battlefield, they operate as if with a single mind, and are a fluid, cohesive unit. This enables them to be very good at their assigned task, killing force users.

+ Racials: Heightened Reflexes and extremely acute senses. Generally quicker than your average human.

- Racials: Not quite as physically tough as your average human, though military training has largely helped compensate for this. Must wear antiox breath mask at basically all times, or will slowly and painfully die of toxic inhalation of oxygen.

- When not with his squad, however, Saren's abilities in combat tend to suffer. You get so used to trusting the guy behind you that when he's not there, you tend to leave your back open. In single combat, Saren is prone to make what could be considered 'rookie' mistakes. It's a habit he's noticed and is doing his best to correct, with no avail so far.

- Being a minority alien on a planet steeped in tradition and with a fierce sense of identity can be rough. Saren has always had a hard time fitting in, hence his devotion to Atrisian traditions. Nevertheless he continues to feel somewhat alienated on the planet of his birth, and will go to extreme lengths to try and be 'accepted.' It should also go without saying he has no idea how to interact with other non-Atrisian Kel Dor.

- Saren has something like a mental dependency on his antiox breath mask. This is normal for Atrisian Kel Dor, as none have ever even seen the Kel Dor homeworld, much less stepped foot on it or breathed normally. Kel Dor dwellings on the planet tend to have sealed chambers with the proper atmospheric settings, but to allow for any interaction with other species' requires the masks, so most just wear them basically all the time. Saren is so used to wearing it that to have it off seems the more unnatural state.

To the average human, most Kel Dor appear very similar. Compared to others of his spieces, Saren has darker skin, and in the unlikely event one were to see him without his mask, they would notice that his eyes are silver as opposed to the more normal black. Physically he is in peak shape, a result of extensive military training.

Saren Kel-Varad was born to one of the few families of 'Imperial Kel Dor,' all descendants of a handful of naval personnel stationed on what remnants of the fleet were at Atrisia when the Gulag plague broke out and the planet began its self-quarantine. As the Kel Dor population was so small, but unwilling to just die out, they were forced to use genetic manipulation to keep the gene pool free from regressive mutations. This has resulted in most of the Kel Dor population of Atrisia appearing as siblings, with most variation being the result of choice on the part of the parents.

While a child of the Empire, Saren and the other Kel Dor have always felt that they were something like outsiders, being a minority race on a human-dominate planet. Nevertheless, they strove for four hundred years to find their place, and adapted well to most elements of Atrisian culture. The ideals of honor and duty, held so highly by the natives were easily adopted by the aliens, and Saren is a descendant of that now proud tradition. From a young age he was schooled in formal Atrisian etiquette, and was trained as a Yovshin Swordsman as well, a tradition held by the Kel-Varad family for seven generations after one saved the life of an Atrisian Gyon. Along with this formal education, Saren received a healthy dose of Imperial pride. A respect for order and discipline, and healthy (but not extreme) desire for personal power.

The duty of the Yovshin Swordsmen is to serve the Emperor, and so it should come as no surprise that Saren joined the military as soon as he was able. He started out as a stormtrooper, but was soon picked up for the fledgling 'Force Recon' unit being formed because of his aptitude in close combat. There he advanced, if not quickly, than at least steadily. Seemingly out of the blue, Saren was selected for a new, secret project. Small four-man teams of Force Recon soldiers were to be trained explicitly to engage and kill enemy force users on the battlefield. They would operate independently of regular command structure, and utilize non-standard tactics and weaponry. It was in training for this that Saren met for the first time the members of what would become known as 'Nomad Team.'

While individually none were necessarily super soldiers, when working as a team something just clicked. The team (detailed below) quickly rocketed to the top of the score charts in training, eventually catching the eye of the Grand Admiral himself. They were soon activated as the first 'Force Breaker' Squad fielded by the Galactic Empire. But they never saw combat under the Imperial banner. The invasion of Fondor followed by Republic aggression came shortly after Saren and Nomad Team were deployed, and the Empire gave up its sovereignty and merged with the Lords of the Fringe for security. But to Saren's surprise the details of his unit (and the other Force Breaker Squads) were never made public. Kept as a state secret, they trained heavily to fight Jedi, but also on how to engage Sith.

But his was not to question why. His was but to do and die.


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The Squad
Saren Kel-Varad 'Warlord'
- Squad Leader
Viado Vand 'Bael'
- Reconnaissance and Close Combat Specialist
Sar Ghast 'Wolf'
- Slicer and Marksman
Trec Stahlvo 'Ajax'
- Heavy Weapons and Demolitions

The standard weapon for the unit is a modified SAM-20 Maser Rifle with an undermounted shotgun with a 20-round drum magazine. The shells are usually a flechette or high-explosive variety, designed to explode on contact with a solid surface or any sort of kinetic force.

Additionally the unit typically utilizes a lot of grenades, of many different varieties. Sonic, Explosive, Cryoban, and Plasma are the standard fare. For heavy weapons, the team typically utilizes Flechette Cannons or slugthrowing Machineguns, or other weapons which can't be blocked by a lightsaber, absorbed by Tutaminis, or otherwise deflected by common force techniques.

Force Breaker training also emphasized mobility, and the importance of using confusion against a force-wielding opponent. Attacking from multiple axes at once with a variety of weapons is a key element of this. Similarly, anything that slows down, disorients, or confuses a force-user can and will be utilized, from traps to decoys to diversionary attacks and more. Above all, the key element is exceptional teamwork, something Nomad Squad has in spades.