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Approved Starship Sanguinem Comitissa

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Eater of the Dead

Image Credit: http://retardmedia.com/uploads/2008/10/spaceship/ship-back.jpg

Intent: To make a prisoner holding and experimentation ship within the fringe for the likes of the Plague Doctor, Rave Merril to better enhance their experiments

Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Iron Crown

Model: Sanguinem Comitissa Class

Affiliation: Lords of the Fringe

Modularity: No

Production: Minor


  • Durasteel (hull)

  • Glasteel (viewports)

  • Turadium (doors, recessed shield generators)

  • Transprasteel (one way on cells)

  • Quadranium steel (frame)

Description: The Sanguinem Comitissa class is a mobile lab to help with some of the fringes more clandestine members. The likes of Valik, Rave and the Plague doctor. With the attack on Endor and his lab, the exclusivity of the Chimaera and the danger of operating in one place for to long at time. Shinju used an old idea. A dungeon ship designed for handling people and her own Rakatan subjects. Their penchant for capturing those who got to close and enslaving them more then enough to handle some situation, their enjoyment of using the people for food was also something o interest to her after seeing the Wrathful One. Though she wasn't one for making ships and didn't understand the finer points at the time.

So the idea was held in a state of stasis until her muse for designing a ship where she could hold someone and torture them as prisoners of the fringe for a time. Usually keeping them mobile so their friends might not find them and try to rescue them, it allowed for some things. After all the fringe had gotten some of the strongest alchemists and biological weapon makers, so she made a ship to house them. Or at least for them to use if they so chose to to be hidden. The first step was figuring how many people they could take at a time and what they could fit in. The size of the ship increased several times but it stayed small enough it wouldn't draw to much attention hopefully.

The alchemy, bioweapon and torture chambers are near the bottom of the ship below the prisoner cells with non soundproof flooring so all the screams can be heard, the Rakatan who usually man the ship have a dining hall for slaves and or prisoners who have outlived their usefulness. The standard design of materials was chosen to keep it unassuming with nothing to exotic beyond a shield generator and the compressor beams that Ashin designed to repel some objects coming close. The ship has no weapons and limited hanger space to better fit the collection of its labs, cells and standard rooms for people as well as an area large enough to house several warden droids for prisoner management.

There are enough escape pods for the crew to double up with prisoner cells able to be sealed to survive but only have two hours of oxygen if they do not panic. A failsafe of the computers allows for the entire system to be wiped with a command should notes be sensitive. The ships decks have been designed to maximize capacity and cut out a great deal of empty space, the ranks for crew are along the forth deck of the ship and tightly packed giving only the barest amount of space required to sleep. The droid storage are is located in the bottom of the ship on the opposite side of the labs. The two large ones taking up a moderate amount of space, the Alchemy lab and Bioweapons being predominant while the interrogation chamber sits near the droids.

The hallways are large enough for a wookie to arm arms stretched out across but lack much more then the cold sterile nature to keep it impersonal to the scientists. This is not their home, this is their work and so as cogs within the machinations of the head scientists. Their rooms, five chambers sit along the length of the top and fifth deck designed for some comfort but also to be in the event of danger be ejected as small life boats. The lightly raised sections are independent enough each has a private lift going to them and a transparasteel dome that allows for looking upon the galaxy if they so choose. The third deck is where the "hanger resides and is the largest by a small margin, mostly for the crews dining area and systems, the bridge s located here and made to be sealed in event on prisoner escape albeit however unlikely.

  • Top deck: VIP chambers
  • Forth Deck: Crew Quarters
  • Third Deck: Dining area, ship hanger, bridge
  • Second Deck: Prison cells
  • First Deck: Labs and droid storage
  • Sub Deck: Solar Ionization Reactor

  • Prisoner holding cells
  • Force containment cells
  • Alchemy, Bioweapon Labs

  • No armor
  • No weapons
  • Extremely limited supplies
  • Extremely limited hanger space
  • Usually run on a skeleton crew

Classification: Freighter

Role: Experimental Lab Transport

Height: 100m

Width: 200m

Length: 400m

Power Core Generator/Reactor: Solar Ionization Reactor

Hyperdrive Rating: 3

Minimum Crew:
  • 1 warden
  • 100 staff (scientist, guards, pilot)
  • 150 droids
Optimal Crew:
  • 1 warden
  • 800 staff (scientists, guards, pilot)
  • 750 droids

  • 2 Personal craft
Non-Combative Attachments:
  • 20/100 Universal Energy cells
  • 80/100 standard cells
  • Interrogation chambers
  • Holonet connection
  • Long-range Scanners
  • Shield Generator
  • Encrypt/Decrypt Capacity
  • Alchemy laboratory
  • Biological testing laboratory
  • Dining room
  • Life support system
  • Navigation system
  • Ranger Transceiver
  • Escape Pods
  • Tractor beam projector
  • Point-defense collision-aversion pressor beams (2 starboard, two port, 2 aft, 2 bridge)

Passenger Capacity:
  • 100 Prisoners (at maximum)
  • 5 VIP (Warden, guests)
  • 1000 staff (at maximum)
  • 800 droids (at maximum)
Cargo Capacity: 25,000 metric tons

Consumables: 1 months

Sublight Speed and Maneuverability: Class 5

Jaxton Ravos

Mindwalker of the Outer Rim
The crew requirements are pretty low for a ship this size. Most frigates operate at around 200 minimum 1000 optimum. Granted, you don't have any gunners, but you still have to have prison wardens, guards, scientists, etc to fill the more unique needs of the ship. As this has 20 Force User Cells(A UEC perhaps? I'd like more elaboration on this) I'd prefer the production be dropped to minor. Other then that everything looks good, pressor beams over PD batteries is fine, has a lot of non-combat attachments but doesn't have weapons or a hanger good enough to be used as a carrier. I like the design, and what you're trying to accomplish here. Once those edits are made this should be done.

@[member="Shinjū Aÿasha"]

EDIT: I'd also prefer an image of some sort as a visual basis.


Eater of the Dead
  • Image added
  • Image credit added
  • Production changed
  • Personal modified
  • Hanger capacity reduced (to make room)
  • Cargo Capacity reduced (to make room)
  • Elaboration added
@[member="Jaxton Ravos"]
If there is anything I missed please say so
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