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Approved Starship Sanctuary Class Habitat

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Tegaea Alcori

Firemane Industries CEO
Sanctuary Class Habitats
(Closest I could find but imagine a thicker cylinder shape within the outer ring.)

  • Intent: To create a set of habitat stations for Firemane. These will allow for many people to live comfortably with some protection. Naturally these stations are not military and so rely on protection.
  • Image Source: Here. Originally from Doctor Who Episode ‘Bad Wolf’
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: As a Tier 6 Company, Firemane can produce 10km Civilian Stations at Semi-Unique.
  • Primary Source: N/A

  • Manufacturer: Firemane Industries & Technology
  • Model: SS-S1a
  • Affiliation: Firemane Only.
  • [SIZE=11pt]Production[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]: Semi-Unique[/SIZE]
  • Material: Standard components. Quadanium steel outer plating.
  • Classification: Space Habitat.
  • Length: 10,000m diameter.
  • Width: 10,000m diameter.
  • Height: 6,000m. Main cylinder 5,000m high.
  • Armament: Very Low.
  • Many quad laser/point defence/flak cannon batteries.
  • Defenses: Very High.
    Heavy armour plating.
  • Redundant shield generators.
  • Heavy internal security/garrison.

[*]Hangar: May dock/berth with 4 ships of 2000m or less at any one time. Can dock with 16 100-500m ships at once. Has hangers for hundreds of sub corvette ships.
[*]Maneuverability Rating: Very Low,
[*]Speed Rating: Very Low,
[*]Hyperdrive Class: Very Slow: 10

  • [SIZE=11pt]Contains all the resources and materials necessary for 500 million civilians to live on board without needing replenishment for a year at a time.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=11pt]Carries vast amounts of cargo and supplies, in addition much of the required food is grown on board where necessary.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=11pt]The ship is divided and run on strict ‘tiers’ of which there are 25. Each has a dedicated workforce selected from the population there.[/SIZE]
  • [SIZE=11pt]Each tier has its own security force, and there is a large military force held in general reserve. The total number of this force is about a twentieth of the population.[/SIZE]


  • Habitat. The Sanctuary can house a vast population, allowing them to live their normal lives in the stars.
  • Protected. The Sanctuary has the heaviest armour and shields which can be fitted to a civilian station. Though unarmed with capital weapons it is no easy target.
  • Garrison. To protect the station is a vast military force coupled with police and other security forces. Boarding such a ship will not be easy.
  • Flak. Though it lacks capital weapons, the Sanctuary has many batteries of defence guns to shoot down attack craft.
  • Slow. The station is sloth-like in its speed. Its movement is truly at the level of the slowest of the slow.
  • Unarmed. With no capital grade weapons, the Sanctuary cannot defend itself without escort even from cruisers, even if it can tank the damage.
  • Supplies. The Sanctuary cannot stay in space forever, it must dock to put on new parts and supplies it cannot produce every year.
  • Escort. Being a purely civilian station, the Sanctuary requires a heavy escort for protection from threats.


The galaxy is vast and full of terrors, and sometimes it becomes necessary to move a large number of people across the galaxy. In the case of Kaeshana this was done haphazardly and in a very short time period.

Firemane tackled the issue of what might happen if just as many people needed to venture into space for longer periods and still live comfortably. And so the Sanctuary was created to fill this need. The ship is vast in size, but more importantly in volume. Within the massive, cavernous interior twenty-five major levels were created, some specialising in population, others with agriculture, engineering, defence or medicine.
The result is a ship which can hold a vast population whilst being able to support them at the same time.

It is important to note that this is no luxury cruise. The vast majority of habitation is single or double room, four or eight to a berth. Only the wealthiest have exterior rooms…though even the poorest have ‘windows’ which show a projection of the outside. Labour and movement is strictly controlled, and leaving one’s tier is not allowed except in special cases. The Sanctuary is balanced so that everyone on board can be healthy and sustained, so long as nothing serious disrupts the balance. This means food rationing is stringent, though entertainment is freely available.

The Sanctuary can maintain itself for over a year without resupply. At that time though it will need to seek a friendly harbour to take on supplies it cannot produce itself. Fortunately in space junk and waste products can be safely jettisoned into a handy gas giant or star.

The Sanctuary is well able to protect itself from attack craft, and has very strong defences in the way of plating and shields. However, it lacks any capital armaments, making escorts a requirement. It is also horrendously slow and will not be able to escape from combat without assistance.

The Sanctuary is a ship designed for moving vast populations and sustaining them, and in that aim it succeeds nicely.

Tegaea Alcori

Firemane Industries CEO
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Usually in such cases I put it in defences and it has been approved as such elsewhere.

However, moved as requested.
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