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Sampson's Designs

Corporation Name: Sampson’s Designs
Headquarters: Atrisia
Locations: Office building in the city of Jar’kai
Operations: Designs and builds ships for the Atrisian government as well as civilians
Rationale: State funded, given funded through the Atrisian Government by Akio Kahoshi
Tier: 2

Sampson's Designs is a reseach and development company, a subsidiary of the larger Imperial Shipworks company on Atrisia. It was originally created with the combined efforts of Akio Kahoshi and Cara Sampson after he discovered her talents. Being something desperately needed in the Atrisian Empire, a ship designer and engineer, he willingly extended her government funding to create Sampson's Designs to help aid in ship production and expanding their prospects.

Led by the brilliant designer Cara Sampson, with a large staff that takes her designs and builds the prototypes, and develops the needed manufacturing processes after she hands over her designs and other vital information required to breathe life into the ships and bring them into reality. The larger Imperial Shipworks takes the prototypes and develops them from there, doing the manufacturing for Sampson's Designs.

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