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"Sammo" Hache-Khe of Rae, the Wanderer


The Iron Lord Protector (Neutral Good)
Posted 05 November 2013 - 05:38 PM
"Sammo" Hache-Khe of Rae

NAME: "Sammo", also known as Hache-Khe of Rae
FACTION: Vagrant Fleet and Omega Pyre
RANK: None
SPECIES: Omega Protectorate HRD with HK's mind
AGE: Appears to be in late 30's
HEIGHT: About 1.80 meters
WEIGHT: About 100 kilograms
EYES: Grey
HAIR: Dark brown with streaks of grey
SKIN: Appears tan


STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :

I've Seen It All: Thousands of years of experience and traveling grants Sammo plenty of knowledge of galactic history and many of the cultures that joined the galactic stage. He is also very knowledgeable in languages, both ancient and contemporary. Being a droid only helped to maintain and take in all of the information he accumulated.

Martial Arts: Receiving a martial training long ago during the Old Republic, his fighting style is a mix of Echani and Mandalorian martial arts, blended together and polished into a new custom form over the years of his travels.

Gunslinger: Due to the mix of his experience, scanners, and motion trackers, Sammo is a deadly marksman with the pistol, extremely accurate and swift to draw and return fire while dodging the blaster shots.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff: It is very hard to affect the easy-going Sammo with insults, most often he tries to stay optimistic, laughing off most of the challenges and obstacles that come his way during his journeys. He does not ignore the threats when they come his way, but he goes to meet them with a smirk and optimism at the same time.

Photographic Memory: Sammo, as a droid, is capable of photographic memory, taking in all the little details and able to recount specific events with great care.

What Do You Have In There, Bricks?!: For some reason hits from Sammo feel like being hit with a metal pipe, must be dense bones.

Kill Them With Kindness: Always optimistic, Sammo tends to be friendly and open towards others, strangers or not. The same even extends towards enemies, always asking them to cease the fighting and avoid conflict before he is forced to face them.

No History: As a droid, a manufactured being, Sammo does not have any history, no records, his face is unknown so far, there is nothing that could really help identify him from any previous encounters and adventures he had due to the fact his current body was manufactured fairly recently.


Force Absent: As a droid, Sammo is absent from the Force, it is very difficult to track him using it, however, he is unable to use it, sense it, and the fact that he appears to be Force Void organic can be used in order to identify him.

Will You Take It Seriously?!: His strong optimism and cheery nature can become potentially annoying, especially in times of danger when others expect him to be serious about things in a serious situation yet he keeps on being as optimistic as possible. This mind-set can potentially cause him to overlook or under-estimate the conflicts and obstacles he faces.

Child Crying: Sammo would be unable to stand by while the innocent are being harmed, always willing to rush to help when sorrow and harm strikes the innocent civilians. This can be a weakness used to lure him into a trap by threatening or harming the innocent.

Random Encounter: Sammo does not have a set path or quarters, he more or less just shows up in places randomly, going where the space will take him. This makes it very hard to get in touch with him or try to summon him if his aid is needed, but then again, if he is needed he would probably already be there.

Dirt Poor: No funds, no bank account, and no real change he carries with him. This makes things difficult when credits are required, Sammo most often stows himself away on space ships in order to move from planet to planet.

No Connections: No past and no history also means that he cannot reach out to any of his friends in higher places and ask them for aid, it would be a risk that can be used to track his paths and hunt him down.

Ageless: Sammo is an old being and he never ages, while it sounds like a strength, he does not see it as one. He has to watch his friends and companions age and die while he keeps on going, it is something he has to cope with everyday, and his semi-immortality also allows him to see impacts of choices and the grand consequences they can bare in the ripples of time.

The Young in Spirit- recovered Munificent-class star frigate (Flying it as a mobile hostel and communication station for the Vagrant Fleet)

Generic Lightsaber with yellow blade

Chai La Jackel Handgun

Stal-11 Blaster Pistol

Handheld datapad and holotransmitter


Traditional Jedi Robes From Armour-Ani Clothing Line

Bantha-leather jacket From Armour-Ani Clothing Line

Sammo is a copy and an alter-ego of @HK-36 placed in an HRD body so that a part of him may be able to keep his travels throughout the Galaxy while the original model serves in Omege Protectorate.

Original Sammo, Sammo Haloon, was an old friend of HK, Mandalore during the age of Old Republic. After his death, Sammo's name stuck with HK as one close to his heart-unit, he began using it as a fake identity of himself when traveling incognito.

HK used the name from time to time during contemporary times of the Galaxy, but it was not until he was able to get his hands on HRD bodies sponsored to him by the Omegas that he adopted it as his new identity. At least new identity for a copy of him.

And so, Sammo Hache-Khe of Rae was born, it is the embodiment of that part of HK that always looked outwards towards the Galaxy, itching to explore it and travel it once more while his original body was stuck with his allies in Omega Protectorate, serving them as one of their commanders.

So, he set off, wandering throughout the Galaxy as HK once did, he can be spotted here and there, randomly, without any real goal or plan.





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