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Sales Pitch

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Within a week’s time, Aiden’s ultimate goal was to travel from Coruscant to Dromund Kaas, with his wife, Valentina. They were to attempt to officially unlock the secrets that awaited them within the darkside. While Aiden once called Coruscant home, he and Valentina were more, two individuals who were breaching territory. Coruscant was no place for two inexperienced people who dabbled in the darkside; it put the couple in danger. Aiden was willing to risk it just one more week, so that he could finish up all his necessary errands. One of those tasks included purchasing a gift for his beloved. Every now and again, if for nothing to let Val know he was thinking of her, he lavished her with gifts.

Seeing a holonet ad recent for a clothing line known as Glitterstim, Aiden couldn’t help but to be enticed with a promising prospect that was sure to please his wife. Valentina was always up to speed on the latest fashion trends. Aiden, on the other hand, was quite clueless when it came to knowing what was in style. Wanting to expose his companion toward his attempts at trying to pay attention, Aiden jotted down the location, booking some space and time in his colander to visit the recently established store found on Coruscant. Glitterstim, already established on Corellia, and starting its own recent store on Coruscant, Aiden couldn’t help but to have a positive outlook. Business would be good, and Aiden was bound to find exactly just the thing for his wife. Something that would make her sparkle and shine, just as she already did in her husband’s heart.

Aiden entered the main shop area of the store, what was otherwise known as the “Fashion House”. The design studio attached to it, above the main floor, seemed exceptionally occupied from what Aiden could tell as he walked in. He saw an elevator that could be taken, in what he assumed was free passage to get an up close and personal look at the new and latest fashion designs. It was an innovative process, Aiden had thought to himself. Raw and honest. The clothing seemed to be topnotch, letting Aiden know that not just anyone typically shopped at such a store. He didn’t need to look at the price tag to realize that he was likely to spend some pretty hefty amount of credits on Valentina. That was quite alright with the man, she was worth it.

Dressed from head to toe in casual light blue dress shirt and black pants, Aiden still managed to feel right at home inside the Fashion House. While he may not have acted like the rich individual, he had plenty of credits to spare, and enjoyed many of the finer things that life had to offer him, on occasion. The future Sith Apprentice was much more interested in living more modest. As a young boy, he had spent much of his childhood with barely the clothes on his back, and barely enough food to assist in his survive. With a lack of devotion and attention from his parents, Aiden gained his own independence very quickly, not that he had much choice in the matter. Though living modest was something that catered more to his own personal lifestyle, Aiden had no problem with meshing the finer things in life here and there for Valentina. She was loyal, thoughtful, and appreciated Aiden for everything he was, not what he wasn’t. In return, he lavished her as he best he could.

Rather impressed with the various designs, Aiden spotted several outfits already that he could easily see Valentina wearing. As of yet, even after spending almost a half hour in the store, Aiden wasn’t at all close to making up his mind on just the right purchase. He was sure something would catch his eye soon enough. All he had to do was picture it.

Baros Sal-Soren

N E W - W A Y
The lower floor was sparse with stock, most of Glitterstim's items being made to order and custom fitted. The upper floor was where the real magic of the business model could be seen. Interacting with the designers meant that their job was one half sales and one half design, but it meant for more accuracy for each order and more of a personal flair for each item. Devin Rand was the manager of this store, tasked with filtering the clientele, and protecting the design time of the most important cogs in the business. Few people walked in, but it only took a few orders each day to keep the staff paid and Sal-Soren happy. Bigger orders came in via the owners work, and that kept everyone busy with over time. Off the street business was not their main push to begin with. However, there was one individual that had just wandered in. He seemed...down market, though money hid itself well sometimes.

Rand sauntered over to the potential buyer, a younger gentleman in blue and black. "Hello sir, welcome to Glitterstim," he said with a smile and an extended hand of greeting, "I am Devin Rand, manager of this branch...how can I assist you today?"

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