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Sairis Flair

Sairis Flair

Name: Sairis Flair
Height: 5'7'
Weight: 120
Age: 16
Eyes: Bluish Green
Hair: Red
Force Sensitive: Yes
Race: Human
Planet: Coruscant
Faction: Jedi

Open Hearted: Sairis is open hearted that constantly drags him to passion, which leads to the dark side.
Curiously Curious: His curiosity brings him to study things he probably shouldn't that would also lead to the dark side.
Dark Heritage: It seems as though he's just always pumping into darkness and not even knowing it. His parents were sixth, killed by his former master, and he knows not of this knowledge. :

Attentive: He's isn't easily distracted by things focusing on what's at hand.
Quick Leaner: Given both parents were sixth, his skills and learning the force are apex.
Sentinel: Even with his dark heritage and curiosity, he fights evil head on with no fear, thus fighting like the Jedi Sentinels, makings him adept with a light saber.
Bio: Flair is a young Jedi hopeful, who was born, and raided in the temple. He has no hard feelings for being taken as a infant to be trained as a Jedi. He feels it to be a great gift, and honor. He thanks his paremts mentally everyday for allowing him to have a greater calling. The Jedi in the making is in search for a master among the temple, having his former master, Master Dezar die by the hands of dark siders. His heart isn't torn by what to feel about it, as he holds true to the code. He a funny, relaxed teenager, a bit older then would be normally trained, but sense having a former master, the Jedi have allowed him to stay till another master takes him. Loyal, and brave, he fears nothing, grudges no one. He is a charismatic, disciplined teen. He holds honor, and loyality above all else. The light side his weapon, his shield, and his only path. He dreams of joining the Jedi Sentinels, becoming a warrior against evil.

ship: nonenone