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Saga Runfridh


The Runeworks are open for business!
Located aboard the Pactolus, a veritable intergalactic cruise ship owned and inhabited by one Saga Runfridh, the Runeworks are now offering it's services to the galaxy at large.

If you have the credits, a world of possibilities is open to you. Specialties of the Runeworks include Droids, Programs, Small tech and if you're in the know and ask ever so nicely.. slicing. Saga takes particular pride in problem solving. Bring her your problem, give her the credits, and she will make you something to solve it.

Be warned though, the proprietor is notoriously.. eccentric. Narcissistic and arrogant in the extreme, customers are expected to pay as much in respect as they are in credits.

As an independent workshop, the Runework does more custom work than cookie cutter mass production.
Sure, I'll bite.

I've been running with the same armor for some time, and while it has served me well, I've begun to hunt above it's weight class. I'm interested in buying a custom suit of heavy armor from you, fit for a Herglic.

Could we maybe cut a deal?

- [member="Saga Runfridh"] -