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Saga's Runeworks

Saga Runfridh


  • Workshop Name: Sagas Runeworks
  • Location: Aboard the Pactolus
  • Specialty: Droids and Small Tech (Technology is too broad a spectrum, think a program or a handheld device with a singular function)
  • Tier: II
Sagas Runeworks, owned and currently run solely by one Saga Runfridh is in some ways the legacy left to Saga by her parents. They had never had a formal storefront, but like their daughter were skilled craftsfolk, and amassed a more than comfortable fortune working on custom projects for individuals who wanted the utmost quality.. and discretion. When they passed, they made sure to leave their monetary earnings to their daughter, who used the majority to build and outfit the Pactolus, the ship which serves as both her home and workshop.

The mobile nature of her workshop means that Saga is never restricted to just one group of potential customers. If no new orders are coming in, she can simply up and switch systems. This has the added bonus of keeping her work from becoming commonplace or easy to get a hold of. There is something to be said for exclusivity.

Or at least seeming exclusivity. Sagas cares not a whit for the galaxies politics. No faction carries more or less weight with her until they've either courted her for her favour or done something to vex her. If a work order is refused it's generally either because not enough credits were offered or that the customer did or said something to which Saga too offence. On the flipside, a lack of credits can occasionally be navigated around with sufficient flattery, and the understanding that a future favour is owed, and Saga always collects.

Upon her parents deaths Saga, an Anefilt, one of a race with an immensely strong familial bond, found herself suddenly alone and bereft of purpose. Her parents, savvy merchants both, had the good sense to manage their credits well and make sure their only daughter was well provided for. In what she herself would never admit was a search for purpose and relevance, Saga used that money to capitalize on her only real skill, crafting.

The creation of the Pactolus and subsequently Sagas Runeworks within it gave Saga a home, purpose and livelihood, since no amount of money lasts forever. On her own ship, in her own business, Saga is queen, and will be treated as such, seeing herself as every bit as important as any of her clients regardless of who they were. After all, if they were really that smart they wouldn't need her.